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Guest spiritual

Will my partner will be getting 5 more radiation treatments for her lower back (mets to spine) and if it be God's will she will have some mobility to get around on one leg with walker and building her upper body strength to help her.

We made it up and back from our San Diego trip (Seaworld, Wildlife and Zoo). It's like she saved up all her energy and strength to make this trip. When we got back on a Thursday she awoke and just barely made it to the recliner. By Friday night Hospice came in to put in a catherdal?? and by Saturday she was not longer able to walk. She is bed bound and this is why we started radiation. We are hoping she is given the opportunity to reagain some mobility. she says she would love to have some time to get around before she is going to be put down for good.

They order 10 radiation treatments and she seems to be getting her left leg to bend and push against my hand so that is a good sign. Also the right leg has shown some movement as to bending.

I saw this tonight and I was just about to cry from the gratitude of this experience.

After radiation hopefully she will get altima?? treatment and see if that shrinks her stage iv tumor since Tarceva didn't do the job.

Anyone has info on Alitma?


and remember God is on our side ;)

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Hi Spiritual,

I am sorry about your freind. She seems to be doing better so that is a good sign.

I do not have any info. on Altima, but many people on here will be able to help you there.

I pray that the Altima works for your friend.

Looks like you had a great trip with many memories. That is priceless.


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There are several people on Alimta right now. Maybe they wiil see your post and jump in with some experiences and info. for you.

Sorry your partner is going through this tough time. Hope she will be up and about soon. If she is regaining strength in her legs, then it sounds as if the nerves are going to be all right. I understand your enthusiasm about this.

Cindi o'h

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My husband is on Alimta now and it is the best respose we have had for his liver met which did not respond to previous chemo or Tarceva. His Oncologist told us that Tarceva only works for about 20% of the population and Jeffrey was obviously not in that group. The Alimta is doing the job for now. Best of luck with it.


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