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Prayers for my daughter


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My daughter has been in the hospital battling ulcerative colitis. She has lost 30lbs because she has been unable to eat. She's putting up a good front but I know she's worried, scared and misses her

family. Please put in a good word for her with the

guy upstairs.



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Dear Mare,

I'm so very sorry to hear about your daughter. :( We have a very good friend of ours who went through that same thing the beginning of this year. His story is a nightmare, but he's on the mend THANK GOD!!!

You have my prayers that all will be okay. It's not a nice thing to have to go through, my heart goes out to her. Much pain is associated with that. Our friend lost over 60 pounds.

God Bless,


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Thanks everyone for your prayers. They are working.

She had something to eat last night, and it was the

first time in six weeks she has eaten with no pain.

Hopefully this thing is starting to turn around.

Thanks again guys.


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Yes Ginny,

She went in the hospital shortly after the game and

finally came home yesterday. She's much better, but

has a long road ahead. It just takes the correct meds, time and patience.

Thanks again everyone!


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