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I'll be MIA for a while...


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Once again...if you don't hear from me or I don't answer my phone....it's not depression...it's another trip.

I'm going this time with friends to Estes Park, Colorado to the YMCA of the Rockies for our youth group's National Convention.

I came home with just enough time to catch some rest, wash my laundry, have a good cry or two....and I'm off again.

This coming week will be very uplifting and I hope a real healing time for me....I've been there twice before and if you can find peace and rest with 1500+ teenagers....I'll find it! LOL I'll be very close to heaven in those Rockies....my favorite terrain of all!

Love and hugs,


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I hope you have a wonderful time. It is good to keep busy, active and to LIVE!! This morning I drove my Dad to the airport to go visit my brother and his family. He is going to spend a week there and work on their basement for them. I feel for you as I witness what my Dad is going thru. Losing the love of your life is difficult, but you can go on, and you are proving that. That is what they would of wanted.

Live and take care,


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