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I want you all to know I'm praying to a God that I not only believe is listening - I KNOW is listening.

Although my prayers were answered "No"....that doesn't mean God doesn't care...that He's not listening or that He is not involved in our daily lives.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.

Why? Because without the hope, the trust and the faith that "this world" isn't all there is....why bother? What's the purpose to all of this? The universe and everything in it is too complex and highly specialized to just have randomly happened.

Mike and I got married young, had our children young, traveled as much as we could possibly afford and lived and LOVED a lifetime in Mike's 52 years. Sometimes I felt we were moving too fast, trying to do too much...now I know why.

I have no regrets...no real disappointments. I know in my heart that God sees the big picture...the one I have no clue what the pattern is really like. It's like looking at a piece of embroidery work from the underneath side. There's criss crossed threads, knots and sometimes even tangles of thread....no ryhme and reason and certainly - no beautiful "pattern". None of it makes sense! But on the "other side" - there is a picture, a pattern of color harmony, beauty and yes....even perfection.

I see my life right now from the underneath side. When I get to the other side - I'll see the reasons for the knots, the tangles and the color jumbled mess.

Does it make it less hurtful? Sometimes yes....sometimes no. Sometimes, it just plain cuts to the very heart of a person when God says "NO".

But it doesn't matter if I believe in God. He believes in us....me and you.

Love and hugs and prayers for everyone's pain, struggle and hurts.


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I agree with what you said and it was beautifully put. I am not very poetic with words and my brain functions much quicker then my typing skills. :?

I do believe the God does see the whole picture, that was what I was trying to say in my two page post to Shelly last night. I don't believe in pre-destination as it might have sounded like to some. I believe it is our chioces determine our path.

Have a great time in Estes Park it beautiful there. There's nothing like being with teenagers to really make you feel young again. :D

Hugs, Shelly

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