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Asking for fervent prayer for Brian


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We are very concerned and unnerved. The oncologist's nurse called us today. I had called at 8 this AM to let them know that Brian was NOT taking the Biaxin and that if doc wanted him on an antibiotic he would need to prescribe an alternative since Biaxin should not be given w/ Tarceva according to my research.

The RN said that doc did not want to keep Brian on any antibiotic because the fever and other symptoms are NOT related to an infection. The Chest Film they did on last Thursday to check for pneumonia showed that Brian's lung tumor is growing rapidly; doctor thinks that is the reason for all Brian's symptoms.........especially if the liver tumor is growing at a similar rate to his lung tumer. Doc ordered a CT Scan of chest and abdomen for tomorrow night at 7 (only opening) and then we see him on Thursday at 2:15 to discuss this progression and plan treatment.

This really took the wind out of Brian's sails. He was so looking forward to Tarceva (pill vs. infustion) and some "stable" time to rest up from chemo.

We need your prayers, please.

I still can't believe this turn of events.

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Oh Pat and Brian,

How very sad this post has made me. However, I am holding onto the hope that what the doc expects to find will not be. Seems the combo of medication he didn't get quite right. So until I hear otherwise, I am assuming that he does not have all the facts to make this determination.

MANY fervent prayers will be started immediately. I only wish there was more immediate comfort and support able to be provided to you.

I know you will let us know ASAP any results. Until then let all of us here do the worrying ~ you guys focus on remaining strong and taking care.



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I will be praying for Brian, and hope that the scans and new plan are more positive than suggested.

I know what you mean about looking forward to that break from chemo. Keith was suppose to have a 2-3 month break too, but progression put him back on the chemo train after only 4 weeks. It was very disappointing. But on the bright side, this new chemo he is taking hasn't had any side effects as of yet.

I will pray that if your plan is to include more chemo that it be as well tolerated as can be possible.

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What upsetting news. Your fear comes through loud and clear in your post. I will definitely pray for better news in the next day or so.

The RN said that doc did not want to keep Brian on any antibiotic because the fever and other symptoms are NOT related to an infection.

I'm not a doctor, but I'm a little confused how he could make that determination looking at a chest x-ray. I don't remember anyone on here saying that a fever was a symptom of lc or a growing tumor. Can anyone respond to that assumption?

Anyway, that was just an afterthought. The primary concern is for you and Brian. You guys hang in there as best you can and try to wait for a more definite report from the CT scan. The next day or so will be tough, but hopefully, all of our prayers will provide you with the comfort and patience you need.

Sending love, hugs and prayers!


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Aw, dang Brat....I'm so sorry to hear this. :( Know that you've got the combined power of lchelp behind you guys....and I personally intend to have a wee conversation with The Man Upstairs tonight on Brian's behalf.

Tell him to hang in there...and you do the same, sweetie. This must all seem so fearsome right now...but you both have wonderful spirits...and I'm gonna hope that will see you thru this and find Brian on the road to improvement and feeling better very soon.

Thinking of you and sending my very best thoughts and wishes your way. Keep a good "Addietude"....okay?

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I want you to know that you and Brian can count on my prayers. I'm so sorry you have to wait yet another two days to learn what is going on. I wish I could say something to make everything better. Hang in there and if things get too bad, take Brian to the emergency room. Love you guys.

Love and Prayers,


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Doggonit anyway, Brat, this is not what anyone wants to hear.

How has his fever been? I am with Peggy on her her response as far as equating fever with lc.. I don't understand the logic behind it.

Also, I am with everyone else in holding you and Brian in prayer. I know how hard it is to try to relax when one gets hit with a fightening suggestion. Right now, try to think of it as only a suggestion. We don't know anything yet. Breathe.

love, Cindi o'h

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My prayers are with you both. And I pray your onc. is guided in the right direction for Brian's treatment. I don't know if another opinion is possible, but sometimes our doctors are wrong in their observations and guesstimates. I recently switched oncs. I'm sure my 1st one was competent; I just didn't feel like he was paying close attention to my case.

Hoping Brian gets through this in good shape.

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I'm so sorry for this turn of events. I know this must be so hard, and especially having to wait until Thursday. I'm saying fervent prayers for you and Brian, hoping he feels much better soon, and that you will soon have a good, solid plan to help Brian get through this.



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I'm sorry to hear things have taken a very sad turn.

I hope and pray all turns around for both of you.

I do want to share with you that my sister ran a 103 fever off and on the last months of her life. She had lung cancer. I also know of other LC patients that have run a fever.

My best to you both and adding lots of prayers.

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