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Sorry I've been away so long...


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Hi all,

I know, I'm so bad for not posting for so long. Quite frankly, I'm rather surprised to still be here. I stopped all treatment & went on hospice some time ago now (when I last posted). I have some good days & some bad. It's really a strange feeling though when you have a new or more intense pain & wonder if this is the one that will do you in. I want you all to know that I still do my daily 5's. Pretty cool that even at this point, I can still find 5 new things every day that I'm thankful for.

I wanted you all to know that during my "good" times, I've been rather busy. I'm setting up a foundation to help educate people on the dangers of this sneaky disease. How it hides from the tests & imitates other things (especially for women who may be nearing menopause). The foundation will also ultimately (hopefully) be able to help people in my position. I recently found out that I'm hanging on too long for my own good. On October 6th. I'm going to be fired from my job because the time I've been on disability will be longer than the length of service. At that point, I will lose all of my benefits & most of my income (as well as my life insurance - gee, you think anyone else will insure me now?).

I am teaching my husband how to set up fund raisers & benefit events. I did many of these in my healthy days. He is finding it a great comfort knowing that he will carry on the foundation for me when I pass. My sister & several other relatives & friends have already jumped on the bandwagon. The main hurdle at this point is to get the fund raisers rolling & donations rolling in so that the public education can begin. (If anyone out there is looking for a tax write-off, please let me know!)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm hanging in there & what I've been up to. I think the strangest part of all of this is that even in death, I am still educating & working my tail off all the while wondering if this is my last day.

I want you all to know that you are all in my daily prayers & that I miss you.

Hugs & prayers,


The Melanie Russ Lung Cancer Foundation

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Hey Melanie!

Glad to see you looking so well! Still doing your fives, how wonderful!

As for living too long for your own good, set your OWN schedule, don't let others set one for you.

Stick around and share some sunshine, we miss you!



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What an amazing legacy you're developing with a foundation that will help educate people about lung cancer. I am completely overwhelmed with your ability to give back in this way, and at this time in your life. Such strength!!!

Sending many, many positive thoughts and prayers your way for lots more "good days".


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Here's a "5" in honor of you, Melanie:

1) your post to us today

2) you are having some good days

3) your foundation will benefit many in times to come

4) we all are in your prayers

5) you still come up with your "5's" - maybe post

them for us once in a while when you can

Thougts, prayers, support, and love,


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Melanie...it is so very good to hear from you ! I just think it is wonderful that you are working on the foundation and keeping yourself busy. I also think it is terrible that the "system" can just fire people because they are sick and have been out of work for too long. Have you contacted social security regarding disability? I understand that they will often run a case right through in a case like yours. It's just amazing how you are doing so much to spread the word about cancer and thinking so much of others!!! God bless!!!

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It was so good to hear from you. Glad you are still here and thinking of all of us. You are a true inspiration, going the extra mile for future victims of this disease. I hope running your foundation will be a comfort and inspiration to your husband, family and friends. Thank you.


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You are such a joy. It is clear that you have been blessed. I, for one am very interested in your foundation as I, too, had missed dx (and then a mis-dx-- the year of missed dx was due to ignorance on the part of the doctors. I don't mean ignorance as in being a horrible word, but rather them not knowing and not being curious enough to find out.

Much of it was chalked up to menopause--even though I hadn't had a period for nearly two years when my symotoms started.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

love and fortitude


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You are a wonder to behold. I think it is wonderful that you are doing all that you are doing, much less doing it under your circumstances. Can't wait to read your five for today. It is so very good to see you post. Keep in touch as you have time.


PS. Always in my prayers.

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