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one year celebration


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A year ago on June 26, I found out I had a malignant plueral effusion in my left lung, IIIB. They found at that time that there had already been mets to the pericardium. By the grace and mercy of God working through whatever He has seen fit to use, I am celebrating another year of life. What a challenging year it has been and a year of growing for me and my family. We all realize that I have no promise of tomorrow, but do any of us? I am ready to meet Jesus, my Lord and Savior. I do hope that I am able to stay around for many more years so when my children have children I can enjoy those precious souls. One thing that we have learned this past year is to enjoy and treasure each second, each minute, each day, each week. We laugh at lots of stuff and don't worry about things anymore. God has created an intricate, complex physical body. I cannot even imagine what the spiritual world is going to be like since I already enjoy life. It will be great. I enjoy this web site and am thankful for all of you who post here. It is always good to share heartache and good news. I am a survivor so celebrate for me with a prayer of thanksgiving for the past year. pammie

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Consider me celebrating with a prayer of thanksgiving for your past year. Saying prayers full of hope for many more years of life!

Each day is a blessing....a priceless gift. May you receive MANY blessings and gifts in the coming years.

Warmest wishes and congratulations,


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Congratulations! It's good to know you can feel joy and happiness, isn't it? I often think the one really good thing about getting cancer is what a terrific wake up call it can be. I only wish I hadn't had to get cancer to realise how precious and enjoyable life really is. It's a gift to know it!

Best wishes to you!


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And here's to many more! Yes, we all, as families, learn to see each day as precious! Thank you for posting this! I can't wait to be on here posting with Mom on her one year anniversary!!

Congratulations!!!! woooooooohoooooooo

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