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I must leave for a while


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Dear friends,

Please know that I will continue all administrative and operational functions of this non profit organization, however, I must take time away from LCSC's online messageboard for an undetermined extended amount of time.

My brother has been diagnosed with throat cancer and he has been given 6 months WITH chemotherapy. He is refusing all treatments. This is again, another difficult time for my family.

LCSC's community message board will continue to be monitored and managed by administrators, moderators and our Board of Directors.

Please know that I keep all of you in my prayers daily and wish nothing but the best for all of you walking this journey.

All my love,

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Katie and Precious Family-

Tears are in my eyes as I send heartfelt prayers your way. You and Rick are such very special people and we will all be waiting for your return when you are ready. Family comes first. Love, hugs, and admiration.

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Dearest Katie,

May you find strength in us here to help carry you through this devastating crisis.

May God look with mercy on your family.

My heart aches for you. My eyes tear for you.

May you once again find the courage to see your family through hardship.

You will remain in my prayers throughout this difficult time.

Love and comfort being sent your way.


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