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5 for 6/28/05


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1.) Hy husband's hug is still a perfect fit.

2.) Finally lost enough of my steroid weight to get my wedding band back on! YAY!!!

3.) The church donated a porch swing - I just love it! Bless their hearts.

4.) Finished 5 more items for auction today on the trusty old sewing machine. The auction is 7/15/05.

5.) I'm still breathing, maybe not as deep as I should but as long as I'm sucking wind, I'll carry on.

Hugs & prayers to all,


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My 5:

1. Melanie starting this back up again. You were missed!

2. Charlie is still able to run errands and cook. He's a great cook!

3. We're having a big pool party on Sat.--family and friends all coming.

4. Support from all LCSC friends

5. New work starting next week (I'm self-employed)

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Thank you Melanie for reminding us that life is good.

1. The joy of busy fingers typing in the recipes for this great cookbook.

2. The tan I got down the shore - yep I am a bronzed goddess.

3. A new skirt in a smaller size.

4. The kind and beautiful friends I have here on this site.

5. For the increased awareness that LC is beginning to get - do I hear more research dollars.

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Bless you Melanie. :)

1) We got rain we DESPERATELY needed.

2) Carolyn is ticklish now, and if I kiss her in JUST the right spot she gives this most delightful giggle.

3) I got to read through the cards Mom has gotten. Such wonderful people in our lives.

4) The hope and strength to keep keeping on we all get from one another

5) My husband isn't seasick

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