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3+ and counting


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CT of 6/21 notes no evidence of recurrent malignancy. :D:):o:lol::P:D

Another bright note is that we should be able to move into our new one-story house within the next couple of weeks. The carpet man is laying rug as I type. :P

On a different tack, it was disconcerting to walk into the onc's office this morning and find a sedate gentleman awaiting me instead of my usual feisty-little-terrier lady oncologist. Apparently her parents are ailing, and the family has decided to move closer to Illinois. She has been my rock and my shield, and I will miss her greatly. The new onc seems very thorough and capable, and I feel we will develop a good rapport with time. Quite a surprise, though.

You're all ever in my thoughts and prayers.

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First--wonderful news! I am glad you didn't violate Ginny's command that only good news is allowed this week!

I recently "lost" my wonderful PCP because she took a sabbatical (sp)--, but she sent all her patients a letter 3 months in advance letting us know. It was sad, but I appreciated her letting us know in a kind, caring manner.

I hope the new onc works out fine. I know it was probably unsettling. I know I would feel that way.

love and fortitude


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Wow Tiny..you are so amazing!! Congratulations on your 3+!!!!!!!!!!

My GP, the doctor who found my cancer recently left his medical practice to work for the hospital. I am at a loss as to where to go now, it bothers me that I have to "start over" somewhere with a medical file the size of a phone book. But he also had sent a letter, so that it isn't a total shock.

Am glad that your new Onc looks like he will work out for you. Congrats again!!!

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Hey My Dear and Wonderful Friend,

Get the heck out of the water, your going to turn into a prune! :P:P:lol:

What Wonderful NEWS that is to hear from a long time friend. :D We've come a long ways BABY! :D:wink:

REALLY Happy for you Tiny! (((((((TINY)))))))) :D

Love & Hugs,


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That's great news! 3+years and counting for many more. Know how you feel about losing your onc--I have recently lost my breast surgeon (yes, the guy who had a clinic full of patients the first day I had a consult with him and got the news I needed a biopsy because it was probable I had breast cancer, but sat there with me for 45 minutes while I was sobbing) and my onc. When you've had this much unrest about health issues, it's hard to get new doctors in the mix too. But, we will move on, I guess.

Congrats on the new house--I love my ranch home! Wouldn't want to do stairs again for anything.


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