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This time it was pulmonary embolism

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Actually, there were multiple. *sighs* She's supposed to be getting out today, mom, that is (sues). They added lovenox to the coumadin for her to take at home after a struggle getting the lovenox approved by the insurance (they apparently don't like paying for injectables very much). The doctors are even stumped by this, they say, because her warfarin levels have been perfect, but she's still throwing clots.

Taking a week off of chemo to give her cell counts a rest (the procrit didn't do anything to help). Continuing with the radiation as scheduled. Supposed to have a date for a rescan of the brain to see how the SRS worked, though, coming up. Anxious and excited for the possibility of some GOOD news, all rolled up in one. Will let you all know when it's scheduled and the results.

I just feel so down right now, it's so much to deal with and such uncertainty. Leaning on God and friends to make it through each time the phone rings. I'm so afraid of what the next complication may be.

Sorry for the "down" post...i try so hard to stay positive...this is where i can have a "uck, i feel terrible" moment and not feel so guilty for having one.

Thanks again for all you do on here. :)

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Sorry it is a such a struggle right now for you and your mom. Charlie had the same problem--clotting through the coumadin when the PTs were perfect. He is on Innohep long-term. It is very similar to Lovenox, but it is a once/day injectable instead of twice. As was previously mentioned, good that these drugs exist even if they are hard to get. Take care. Praying for you'll.

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I hope the insurance company OKs the Levenox, lung cancer is prone to cause blot clots and the low molecular weight Heparin in Levenox hits the clotting cycle disruption from cancer better than Coumadin. Hope all goes well. Keep us posted. Donna G

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Hi Missy,

Sorry you mom is going through these hard times. She is so lucky to have you right by her side!!

I pray things start to turn for the better, which I feel will happen.

Keep that positive Additude going. She will come out of this fine.

Take care and as I know you will keep us informed.


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