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Question - what to expect?


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Now that mom is recovering nicely from her surgery - post-surgical visit was great yesterday - she is meeting with the oncologist on Tuesday regarding follow-up chemo. Any ideas on what is usual protocol for post-surgical chemo, nsclc? My chemo was prior to surgery, and I have no idea what to expect next week.

Thanks for any info you can give...

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Glad to hear that you mom had her surgery.

I waited for about 8 weeks to start chemo after surgery, but I know everyone is different - so I cannot say what the "standard" is. Mine was delayed a bit because I had some weird side effects from the actual surgery.

I hope your mom continues to improve and that her treatment goes smoothly.

Best wishes,


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Terrie: I am glad your mom is recovering well from surgery.

I started my follow up chemo 7 week after surgery. I will be finsishing 4 rounds of gemzar/carboplatin this July 7th . The last 2 rounds got delayed a bit because the oncodoc was out of town for a week and I had schedule conflicts at work. The onco nurses say the delays won't hurt the protocol. I was supposed to have finished last week.

My first infusion was gemzar followed by carboplatin the same day. Then a week later I had gemzar only. That constituted round 1. Then 2 weeks later would start round 2.

My oncologist told me that there was less liklihood of getting neuropathy from gemzar than taxol. It has been pretty mellow for me. The first 4 days after the combo infusion had me down. I did not much nausea, but I slept a lot. The single infusion day was not bad at all. The biggest problem I had was that the dexamethasone would keep me awake much of the first night and I would have to catch up with my sleep later.

Don M

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I remember my Onc. said they like to wait about 6-8 weeks after surgery before starting adjuvant chemo. I waited longer than this while we checked out a spot on the spine, etc. Then I only did one treatment (taxotere) as it gave me pnuemonia or pnuemonitis complication. I elected to quit there. Waiting for my 6 month checkup now. k..good luck..Rich B.

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My surgery was June 20 and I started chemo on Aug 14. I had a small trip just prior to starting chemo, so I think we would have started earlier if I had not had other plans. I think the important thing is to get your strength back as much as possible from surgery before starting chemo. Especially when the patient is older. No proprietary knowledge here, just my experience.


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