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Update on Avastin/Alimta combination


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WOW! What a week. It's been one week since my first infusion.

Nausea (could be the chemo aggrevating the gall bladder), pain (near the surgical site from over a year ago), pain all over my torso. Just a general "I'M SICK" feeling! Slept ALOT! Headaches.

I seem to be coming out of the hole some, feeling slightly better. Guess it will be a week of hell with this treatment.

Just thought I would let everyone know in case they were interested.

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I felt like I'd been drug thru a knothole backwards after my first cycle of Topo....but now I handle it really well....so I'm hoping that's the way it works out for you with YOUR new combo.

Sleep when you need to....take what meds you need to help the symptoms....and keep believing it will improve, as it has already.

Hang in Beth...I'm sending you good vibrations and no, I'm not a former Beach Boy :D but I'm bald enough to play one on t.v.! :wink:

I'm sending you lots of good, healing thoughts too!

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You bet your bottom dollar I am interested. I sure do hope that this first infusion will be the worst and that your body will adjust some as time goes on. Glad to hear you are somewhat "out of the hole".

I look forward to hearing from you and look for your post each day. As usual, you are in my prayers each day.


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