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Your gonna do great! Remember to WALK! Ask for a wheelchair, put your chest tube collector thingy in the seat and push it around the nurse's station!

I walked so much at the hospital that when I got home and stopped walking so much my legs hurt worse then surgery!

Good luck to you.....eat and walk!

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Carol: Big day tomorrow eh? I have done it twice. I always started out in the ambulatory unit where they get you prepped and all. They are very friendly there and kinda give you a peptalk. I knew the second time that they would be stretching my side a bit during the operation while they scooped around inside of me. My anesthesiologist started to tell me about it in the prep room but I told him I was familiar with the procedure. I asked him if I had time to do stretching exercises first. He said sure. So I guess I could have climbed off the gurney and done side stretches if I wanted to, but I decided to just lie there and wait for the gas. The doc chuckled at me a bit.

you certainly have my prayers that you have a sucessful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Don M

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