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No more Tarceva for me


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T Ann,

I know this is not the results you were hoping for. None of us want to hear about progression.

The thing that amazes me about you two is your wonderful fighting attitude. I admire you and wish you great success with Alimta.


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Aw, TAnn...just spotted this post. :( I too, am sorry to hear there's been some progression...but I love your attitude...and hubby's too. Keep on with your efforts to kick some cancer a$$ and I really hope the Alimta does the job for you!

It is a good thing that you got such a long chemo break...as it's probably given you the mental strength now to be ready to attack again. Keep us posted as you can...and know we're all inspired by your spunk and readiness to fight!

Wishing you the best and sending all my good vibes for you!

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Dear TAnn,

I'm in here vibing alongside the best of 'em and hoping the alimta does its job. Like everyone else, I'm awed by your fighting spirit and sheer guts. I'm glad you had a break from the chemo and are ready to resume the battle -- full throttle ahead (ok, so that's a rather mixed metaphor, but who cares?).

Hugs, cheers and love,


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Tann, I am so sorry of your news, progression sucks, I know. but you know. with the attitude you have and all of us pulling for you, it is so powerful. Good luck I am on Alimta also, some fatique, some SOB, some nausea, but not enough to keep a fighter like you down. blessings, gina

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