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new here and trying to learn


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This is my first time to post here and I hope I don't mess this up. My sister was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Stage IV lung cancer with mets (is that how you say it) to the bones and liver. They did a brain scan and said it showed nothing. I have noticed several of you talk about an MRI for the brain. Is that better? I am wondering if we should not ask for that. She just finished her 1st round of chemo and after 2 rounds they repeat the tests and is she has not responded then I think things are not so good. I would appreciate any information or ideas or links so I can learn as much as I possibly can. She has chosen not to search for information - she is so frightened and is afraid of what she will find. I hope I have not done anything wrong by posting these questions. Thank you all so much.


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I don't think you've done a thing wrong.

I'm so sorry to hear that your sister had been diagnosed.

The words Stage IV are so scary to hear, but there is still A LOT of hope. And don't be too panicked about those scans... I'm working with limited informaton here, but what I hear most people experiencing (and what Mom is experiencing) is that they monitor what happens wiht the chemos and if things aren't working, then they try a new tactic. If that isn't what your sister's doctor wants to do, encourage her to get a second opinion.

The first days are so hard... Just being so scared and not knowing how to get information. Keep coming back here. Read, read, read... You'll start to get a feel for how things work, and if your experience is anything like mine, you'll also start to understand that there is SO MUCH HOPE for your sister and other's with LC.

I can't answer your question about the brain MRI. I'm sure someone else can, and for sure if you post it in the "Ask the Experts" forum, you'll get a learned answer.

((((hugs)))) We're here for you!

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Hi Nancy,

When you say they have scanned her brain, do you mean CT scan or PET scan? Most all of us I think do have brain MRI's intitially for detection of mets and for staging. And then, with nonsmall cell lung cancer most of the onc.'s will mri the brain only if symptomatic. While it seems that will small cell lc, the scans are more routine as there is more often progression to the brain with this type of lc.

Hope this helps.



PS.. talk to your sister about getting on an anti-anxiety med. It was a necessity for me when I was initially diagnosed. The fear/adreneline was paralyzing at some moments....(not anymore)

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Hi Nancy, welcome: I think it is good of you to go on line to see what you can find out and to get support from others that you may be able, in turn, to support you sister. Maybe, in time your sister will come here too. However, there are many members here who are caregivers , while their loved ones do not post.

Your sister is early into her treatment. I have noticed that many survivors with stage 4 cancer, will go through 3 or more treatments of different drugs. If this cycle of treatment does not give good results, there are other options.

I hope the next set of scans show that the treatment is working.

Don M

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welcome, though I hate it every time someone new needs this place. there is so much information, love and support here - this website has completely transformed my experience of seeing my mother through her treatment for LC. hang in there, ask the experts and ask the doctors!



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Have your sister log on here and read the "My Story" forum. It's not "research", it's a reminder, there is ALWAYS hope, you just need to find where ya keep it!

This board helped me keep my sanity when I HAD surfed the 'Net and "discovered" things I wish I hadn't read. There are a lot of encouraging stories here, there are all kinds of survivors.

Visit, and bring your sister.

Welcome to the family,


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I too was dx'd with stage IV NSCLC with mets to the brain.

My daughter is the one that found this site and talked me into coming here.

We did steotactic radiosurgery to the spot on the brain May 24th.

My dr's aren't planning to do any testing until my treatments are finished.

I'm scheduled for 38 rounds of radiation and 7 weeks of chemo - 1X each week.

Hopefully you can find the comfort and caring people that we have. You can find a lot of information here too. But most of all you'll find some wonderful people that you can feel next to you each step of the way.

Again, welcome and good luck to your sister and you.


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