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My Ten Cents and a Thank You, Bill

Fay A.

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Fay A. wrote this in a private message:

"I've read what you wrote to Tina and wanted to say "Thank You" for the valuable information you've provided on how to manage this particular situation. I am certain that at some point in time others will come along who will read your responses, and recognize them for what they are: good counsel.

I appreciate you and what you bring to the table, Bill. And I believe there are many others who do so, too."


I don't think many of us are prepared for the changes we will have to make when we are diagnosed with this disease. I barely recognize myself when compared to the person I was 6 years ago.

Something I've learned to do is to take information from every source, file it away, because I never know when some little bit of info will be the thing that helps to keep me alive. One of those sources has been Bill.

I misunderstood Tina's post as well. I'll apologize for that directly.

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