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5 for 7/1/05


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1.) All of your beautiful thoughts for my Grandmother - thank you!

2.) Every hug & kiss my Grandmother ever gave me.

3.) The wise guidance my Grandmother has given me over the years.

4.) The beautiful memories my family will always have of my Grandmother.

5.) The total & unconditional love & support of an exceptional Grandmother.

Hugs & prayers,


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1. mom's recovery is going well.

2. such quality medical care is available to her

3. my brother, for 'taking over' for a few days

4. my friends here, this 'place' is life-changing

5. next week is 3 years with my boyfriend, David the Irish, and I am so proud of our partnership.

happy 4th, you guys!!



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1. As always, my first.....I woke up again today.

2. My daughter has finally ordered a wedding dress (only 4 weeks left until the wedding!)

3. I've just had lunch with a very good friend.

4. My friend in TX is recovering well from pneumonia and a collapsed lung. Her surgery went well and it's not cancer!!

5.The humidity is supposed to drop tonight.

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1} Lucie is in a "clear" period and gaining strength. (She has gone back to water aerobics once a week and I have been able to get in three gym visits the last couple of weeks.)

2} We celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary. (Didn't know we would see 45).

3)My parents were super -- lost them too early in my life, but grateful for all they did for me in the short span.

4} Our step-grandson sent us a thank you note for his college graduation present and expressed how much he has appreciated our support of him over the past 9 years.

5} OUr granddaughter and daughter-in-law came to visit yesterday, and we shared about our families -- stories, pictures. We took them to lunch.

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1)that my joy is from the Lord, and not my circumstances

2)for my amazing mom

3)for my women's one year bible, helping me to set aside a daily appt. with the King.

4)my kid's smiles and laughter

5)the coconut cake I've got in the oven :)

thanks for doing these!


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1. For my husband and the love and help he gives me each day.

2. For my wonderful children who have good, full lives of their own.

3. We got badly needed rain today.

4. My housekeepers came after being away for 4 weeks...just in time for this weekend.

5. For being here with all of you and sharing our lives.


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