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David P's fundraising with Junkfood money?

David P

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Hi Everyone.

Just wanted to officially check back in and say "howdy" to all those people I haven't met yet, and to let you know what I've been up to lately. Howdy. I do check the message board regularly and respond to those I feel I can contribute something to. In acknowledging that depression can arise from much of what is talked about on this message board - dealing with new diagnoses, treatments, and even the recent deaths, I'd like to remind everyone that two good weapons against depression are exercise, and healthy eating. Both of which were the target of my recent fundraising campaign at the middle school I teach at. Most of you know I race my mountain bike periodically, and some of my training involves repetatively running up and down the stairs at my school 3 or 4 times a week. Well, I don't agree with the use of junkfood machines for raising money in schools, and I was determined to try to decrease student's use of these evil machines, while at the same time increase their consumption of healthier food. AND, If I could figure it out, maybe we could also raise money for our Cops for Cancer program that sends kids with cancer to summer camp. This is how it came about: I found out that our student population of 475 kids feed over $600.00 per week into the two junkfood machines. I told them that for every $10.00 of junkfood money they donated, I would run up the 67 stairs to the top floor of our school and back down again once. The most repetitions I had ever done before was 70 times to the top. My goal was $1000.00 meaning I would have to do 100 reps. But first I had to get their money, and man, do they like their junkfood. I solicited grocery and produce stores for donated fruits and vegetables then proceeded to sit right in front of the two junkfood machines at recess and lunchtime to exchange pieces of healthy food for one and two dollar coins. It worked surprisingly well -- we raised $715.00 in five days -- and I was determined to to run 100 reps to the top anyway. But come the day of the run there were dozens of students running the stairs with me; all with young energetic legs, and by the time I got to 100 reps, little Mike Titus was closing in on me -- so with 40 minutes left before lunch break, I decided to keep going up and down the flights of stairs. (It was now personal - I needed to see how many I could do) I ended the session with 130 repetitions! 8710 stairs! 5.5 times to the top of the Empire State Building! Young Mike was close behind with 120 reps! It was awesome to see so many kids involved and to hear how many more are planning to challenge me next year - yes, I already told them I would do 150 reps next year :shock: . And the $715.00 is a good start to our September fundraising campaign where the kids have raised $28,000.00 in the past two years. Some of you may remember last year when I had my hair bleached for a week... then colored rainbow for a week... then shaved. Well it will happen again this year, but I have thrown a twist into the mix; I challenged my students to NOT get their hair cut until the big headshave on October 6th! that's why my hair is so long in my Avatar (and it's going to get alot longer). So there. Take care everyone, and if you want to talk... PM or email me.

David P.

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Hi David.

Thanks alot for coming by and showing us that lc is survivable! We need to hear that often. You give all of us hope!

I like your idea of exercise and nutrition. I have recently started to eat better and been able to walk farther. Haven't started to run the stairs though.. :P

Your kids sound like they are good listeners and also sounds like you know how to motivate them. They will take this lesson into life with them. Thanks for caring about the kids with cancer and showing kids that they have choices about their diets and activities. Also, how to be generous with their funds for worthwhile charities.

Enjoy your summer and get a scrunchie for your pony tail. Have to wait til Oct. I suppose to see the long locks...(lucky you got locks!)

love, cindi o'h

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My first REACTION to your message was: ARE YOU NUTS?

:lol::lol::lol: Then I thought, Yep, he's nuts and GOD LOVE 'EM, cause I SURE DO!!! ((DAVID))

Way to go Dave!! You make me PROUD to be a LC SURVIVOR and to have such a WONDERFUL FRIEND LIKE YOU!



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Hi Dave,

You are great. What a role model you are for these kids, they must really love and respect you!!

You would definetely give the Energizer Bunny a run for his money!!!

I have no clue how you do it but....Keep it up!! :D


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I am in total shock and amazement David!!

A "one lunger" similar to me running up and down 8,700+ stairs in one lifetime? WOW WOW WOW

I have to say you have inspired me, that is for sure. I have been a little defeated lately that I would never be able to get some of my stamina back but your post has given me renewed hope.

Congratulations on your challenge with the kids. It's too bad we don't have more teachers in the world like you.

Keep up the great work and thanks for the inspiration,


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What a wonderful story..I love the idea of standing in front of the junk food machine and offering healthy food..

I work in food service and cant tell how much I hate that all that sugar and fat loaded food and snacks are being serve to the kids..

You wouldnt believe how bad some of these kids eat, they load up on sugar for their lunch..

You have a passion for teaching and the kids are so lucky to have you..

Thanks for sharing your story, I enjoy reading about all your adventures, and yes I remember the rainbow hair.. :)

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