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5 for 7/2/05


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1.) Hubbie's Borther is coming out to see us today. Yay! Greg could really use a diiversion,

2.) Holiday is supposed to be beautiful weatherwise. Yay!

3.) Got another contribution today in the mail for the benefit.

4.) Got a final settlement on a very old workman's comp claim. Yay!

5.) I'm here posting my 5's. Yay!

Hugs & Prayers,Melanie

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1) it is nice out

2) Our granddaugher (Gaby) is here w/ us for a couple hours...she is awesome

3) Daytona race to watch tonight

4) Brian confided some feelings with me last night.....he made me feel so loved when he told me how he is feeling, it really warmed my heart to know he trusts me w/ his innermost thoughts/fears/feelings


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1. Mark's son helping him out with a "deck" project.

2. Being able to stay inside while father and son work.

3. Not having a baby to keep me up all night (hearing stories of grandbabies and glad I get to sleep!).

4. Having a wonderful son.

5. Knowing the Board can heal when trolls move into the neighborhood.

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1) Love that Melanie is posting 5's for all of us

2) The strength of all caregivers...especially my own dear husband :P

3) the support of the members of LCSC

4) friendhsips gained through this site

5) a long weekend to reflect on all of our blessings


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Love doing this..

1) That my brother and Sister are here visiting from NC

2} that Mom Mom got home safely

3) That I am able to post again and feel good about being here!

4) That the weather is sunny and warm without the ungodly humidity we have had.

5) For my friends here at LCSC

God Bless You All,


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5 for today:

1. Thinking of Jim today and smiling, not crying.

2. Jim's dogs (well, guess they are mine too) are taking naps under my desk and not tormenting each other.

3. Sister's melanoma is early stage.

4. Good hurt from yesterday's massage where knots have been lurking for a year.

5. LCSC, LCSC, LCSC......all of you.


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1)got all my errands done by 9 am

2) the juicy, ripe, flavorful, firm peach I ate yesterday

3)the twin sister I ate today. It made me glad to be alive to enjoy it.

4)my smart comrades on this board who are willing to step forward and announce what is not right. Your courage rocks!

5)beautiful low humidity, sunshiny day.

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1. Being able to read all of your posts tonight. I care so much about all of you.

2. My husband, as always.

3. My little dog who gives me joy each day

4. That I didn't cook tonight.

5. That most of the clothes are washed and put away.


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