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He's ok but.Dean has had an accident..


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I just got off the phone with Dean and Gay. Dean needs good wishes and prayers from all of us. The poor guy has been in the burn unit for the past several days with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. He has burned his face and his one hand (so he is unable to type)pretty badly.

Now I offered not to post the details but he said I could. He said he has always tried to be careful with smoking and the oxygen but for some reason he forgot he was wearing the oxygen and lit a cigarette. Luckily Gay was home and threw water on him probably saving his life (go Wonderwoman!). He is having a real hard time with this so please wish them well.

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Love and prayers from Brian and me.

We love you............cut yourself some slack, don't beat yourself up, you are one of the most wonderful human beings we have ever 'known'.

Hope you can find something that masks the pain. Burns really really hurt.

So sorry this happened.


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I hope you're feeling better soon, Dean. Start rounding up the hobgoblins and sticking them back in their closets in your brain so you have peace in your head again...

Take care,


P.S. THAT sounds scary!

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