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My husband, Michael (age 60) passed away August, 2004 of LC (adenocarcinoma Stage IV). He was diagnosed in July, 2004. He cleverly hid that he was ill until it was too late. He had horrible headaches and thought he needed glasses. After he was diagnosed the U of C oncs quicly gave him WBR. We were just preparing for chemo when he collapsed and never recovered. It was so fast neither one of us could get past denial until it was over. My family and friends have all been loving and supportive, but this board got me through the darkest hours. This is because only you know what we truly went through. I did not want to post before because I thought our story was too discouraging, and also, I was not ready. But I'm here now to do what I can to support you as you have supported me.

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Actually, I had never been a member before today. I visited this site every day over the past year, and it kept me from feeling alone and in despair with what this disease did to my life. It was a tough winter. That's why I feel like an "old timer," but I'm really a newcomer.

How am I doing? Yesterday, I visited "Just for Laughs" for the first time. That tells me I'm making real progress. I thought I would never laugh again. I went through the denial, shock, anger, guilt, tears, and despair, and I think I am finally coming to resignation and acceptance. And, my first grandchild was born in February. That has brought joy back to my life.

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Oh Nell,

More ((((Hugs))))to you.

Bless your heart. We need hearts like yours here!!!!

Congrats on that grandchild. We need to know ...boy or girl??? Name???? Come ON!!! We need the total scoop on somethng that special, you know?


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Welcome back, Nell. I'm glad you posted your story. It isn't too negative. I think that most of us understand the realities of Lung Cancer. I hope no one else ever feels like they can't come to us with what is really happening in their world.

And thank you for coming back. It's hard to walk the road we walk, so I am always grateful for good company along the way.

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Guest Suzanne

Hi Nell, I'm Suzanne. I'm new here. My dad has cancer.

I am so sorry about your husband.

You hang in there, ok?

Thank you for posting your message and introducing yourself to us.

Take care,


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Welcome!! I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband. :( Those of us just beginning the walk (and those who've been there before us, i'm sure) can always use another shoulder...as we lend ours in times of need. Don't hesitate to ask when you need a little boost...these people are great for that, as i'm sure you've seen!

Congratulations on the grandbaby! I know there's nothing that makes Mom more excited than her grandkids and the prospect of the one on the way!

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Thanks for posting Nell. it means so much to me that you've come to support us despite the tragic course of your husband's LC. rather than be discouraged by your story, I am moved and heartened by your (and everyone else's) generosity here.



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Hi there Nell.

I am sorry to hear your husband passed away from this awful disease, but I'm pleased to hear you have found comfort from reading posts for the past year. I'm also glad to see you are willing to start laughing again (mind you, you have to watch some of the jokes in the "Just for Laughs" forum... if you know what I mean). And congratulations on the new grandchild -- it's interesting how the circle of life works sometimes.... Take care Nell.

David P.

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Welcome Nell,

My father was also diagnosed and gone before we got through the denial stage, 5 weeks.

What David P. had to say about the cycle of life is so true, I have 3 sons and a grand son and wouldn't you know it, a month to the day before my father passed away I had a beautiful little grand daughter enter my life, the first girl for my little family. I've always felt she was a very special gift at just the right time.


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Hi Nell and welcome back,

I am so sorry that you lost you're hubby and in such a short time but I imagine some people want to handle it their way and he was obviously trying to protect his loved ones from his illness. God Bless him.

I know that doesnt make it easier on you but it did for him and it is all about him really.

My Dad died of heart disease at 46 and always hid how he felt. We all knew he had heart disease since he was 36 but he kept his problems well hidden. I suppose to ease the minds of his wife and 8 children.

I am so glad you are back and ready to help others and let us help you as well. I had to leave this board several times after I lost my brother in June 04 but wanted badly to come back and support the people I had come to know and love and who had also supported me through his illness. I tried, it was to hard, I left, I came back, it was too hard and I left and I came when I could. I have been back now for a bit and feel differently about it and strong enough now to really try to help my friends here.

My Brother and you're hubby are in Heaven and we can be happy they are no longer fightinmg this horrid disease. Their pain is gone and they are happy. The time will come again for you to be with you're hubby again and when I go to heaven I am sure my Brother will meet me at the front door with a great big hug!

You are in my prayers and here is a great big hug for you (((((((Nell))))))))

God Bless you Sweety,


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