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So far so good... but what a struggle (SCLC)

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I am I started my treatment on 9/10/01, my second chemo treatment was punctuated by buildings crashing down to the ground which I visualized through the haze of chemo.

It was a horrible experience all around. I found myself persuing chest radiation on my own. Two years later, still feeling terrible, my follow up CT showed a small recurrent tumor.

I just couldn't do the biopsy and chemo thing again, particularly since the second round most likely wouldn't work anyway.

I checked into an alternative clinic in Mexico. Three weeks later my CT there showed that the recurrent tumor was gone. On the 4th week, I checked out and have been in complete remission for more than two years.

As an aerospace engineer and technical type, I would have never believed that scenario. But then, I felt I was getting to the end of my rope and so I tracked down what I thought would be the best place to try.

These ups and downs have been a real trial. The suffering can only be appreciated by someone who has gone through all of this.

Each day is a gift and seeing the sun each morning in bright blue skies is more special than I could have ever immagined.

I feel truly blessed.



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Hi Jim

That is wonderful, inspiring news that you are still in remission. It certainly brings much hope here.

I am curious to know what kind of alternative medicine they used on you?

May your remission last a long lifetime.


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