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Thank you all for your sentiments on my Moms passing


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To Everyone,

I want to thank everyone for your sentiments, it was greatly appreiciated.

The hospital wanted to send her to a facility where she would just stay on the trach for the remainder of her life. That was no life for her. She had a living will that stated DNR. Being 94 we knew she had enough and wanted to join my dad who we knew was waiting for her.

The hardest part was signing that paper to take her off the ventilator. She could not breathe on her own, so they could not wean her off the trach. Her weakened heart could not fight the pnenemonia.

She never regained conscienceness since her 2nd day there, where she looked at us then closed her eyes.

As unconscience as she was, her right hand kept pulling out the tube to the trach. When you took her hand she pulled it away. She was very uncomfortable as they have taken her off the morphine and adivan to try and wean her.

We were hysterical to sign that paper to let her go.

My sister was power of attorney and was responsible for signing the paper. But me and my bro signed under her name.

But like I had mentioned before, they made her very comfortable, and we were all there. She passed so quietly that we did not know she left us. No gurgle, nothing, just left so quietly. And there was a little smile that was not there before.

We all looked up as we knew she was above her body and blew kisses, and thanked her for making it so easy on us. We felt a coolness go through all of us, then calm. Dad had come for her and we know she danced her way to him.

Dad and mom were complete opposites. Dad was so quiet and stood in the background, while mom was the social butterfly. He loved watching her perform, was never jealous and beamed when he was watching her. He was so proud of her energy and enthusiasm.

The funeral was labeled "the celebration of her life", as my mom was the one in our whole family that had so much energy and danced at every affair, from beginning to end without ever sitting down!! She tired you out. So all the eulogies were completely uplifting. The rabbi was incredible!!

Will miss her so much, but again like I said, we were so so blessed to have her for so long.

Thank you all again,


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