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Prescription costs.

cindi o'h

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Hi all.

I went to the pharmacy yesterday to check out the Prilosec OTC that I have heard advertised. I have been on Prilosec in the past and it worked fine. I have also been on other acid pump blockers and they worked fine also.

I have GERD and it has been flaring lately. I ran out of medicine awhile back and don't have insurance for medications anymore so I have been putting it off.

I finally couldn't take the pain and sleeplessness anymore. So, I asked the pharmacist the difference between the prescription prilosec and the otc. He said that there was none. One is a capsule and the other is a tablet.

What about the cost? The OTC is 20 bucks, and the prescription is a hundred and thirty two bucks.

Why the difference in the cost? I don't get it. I wish all of my other medications were like that. I have to take about $900. worth of prescription medications each month! If I could reduce them to 1/4 like the prilosec, what a beauty that would be!

I mean, here I am living on SSDI income only and have to fork out all this money for heart, lung, etc. meds. Wowie.

Anyway. Anyone else who is on Rx prilosec with no ins.,check out the otc brand.

Cindi o'h

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Cindi, It does make you wonder. My daughter Katie

has allergies and her doctor gave prescriptions for

flonase and another medication { can not remember

the name} and the pharmacist told us are insurance

would cover the flonase but, not the other

medication. The cost was $ 150.00 and we were going

to buy it when he told us that if it were his child

he would just buy a box of benedryl because it was

the same thing only $ 145.00 cheaper. :shock:


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Thanks, Haylee.

So. You know exactly what I mean!

You gave me an idea. I will go find out what other of my Rx's are OTC.

Also, I am going to check into contacting drug mfg's to see if I qualify for any of their "free" programs. Usually there is a co-pay and hoops to jump through, but, it will be worthwhile in the end if I get lower prices or "free".

Cindi o'h

ps..how's babycakes? :wink:

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Yea, Cindi, I had heard that too...Im getting prescrip. Nexium, which I have heard is nothing but Prilosec OTC with a new color capsule. Dunno...I may try it too, I guess, Its the most expensive thing I take right now, so will compare costs. thx for ur post..and good luck finding more savings..geesh..sounds like they cost u more than my income is...ack!

Rich B.

(BTW..see post in Early Stage about NCI selenium trial, for early stagers w/no adj. chemo treatment., tho.)

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