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A groaner!


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A man and his wife had their first baby. Unfortunately, the baby was born with a severe abnormality. In fact, he was only a head!

His parents loved him dearly and made sure he was treated as normally as possible. His Dad carried him around under his arm so the son could get about in the world.

Finally, the son turned 21 years old. His proud father picked him up and took him down to the neighborhood bar for his first drink. The folks at the bar drank a toast to the yound man and his father held the glass of whiskey to the boy's lips.

Immediately, the head began to shake and - wonder of wonders! - out popped a torso! Everyone chanted, "Give him another! Give him another!"

The father gave him another shot of whiskey. Out of the torso popped an arm! Drink after drink was poured and out popped the other arm and two legs. Someone threw a coat over the young man and the bar went wild with cheers!

"This has been a miracle," said the father. "I'm going to take him home now so his mother can see what's happened!"

Since the son had so much whiskey and was unused to it, he was quite drunk and needed his father's support to guide him out the door. The crowd in the bar followed just in time to see the drunk young man trip and fall in front of a fast-moving city bus. The crowd gasped, but it was all over for the young man.

The bartender, leaning in the doorway of the bar, just shook his head and muttered, "I just knew he should have quit while he was a head!"


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