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For those without RX Insurance Coverage


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A couple months ago I ran accross a RX discount card that really DOES save money. I had tried a couple others, so I was skeptical at first. However, I have had this card for nearly three months and I have saved over 700.00 had I paid retail for the drugs.

The card costs 20.00 a month for one person. With it you can get all of your GENERIC RX drugs for a 5.00 copay per 30 day supply.

If a RX you take can not be substituted for a GENERIC, then you get at least a 15 per cent discount. All but one of my RX drugs do have a generic, so I have saved a lot of money. Enough that I can pay for my expensive RX, easily.

There is also mail order, through Walgreens, which I have not tried.

Here is a link to where I signed up.


Once you sign up, you can go to another website and track your costs and prescriptions.

The link to that site is:


Hope this helps some of you. For me, it has been a life saver!


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