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setback, depressed and confused


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Have a couple of questions dr won't anser yet. Was away on vacation and had a seizure. Had to go to hospital, where they said tumors in brain now. Came home in ambulance on Tuesday, began radiation on Wed. Am to have 15 rounds, see dr. next Tues but he won't say anything until then, and said to bring my husband, but won't say why. I'm very scared by that. I keep telling myself they wouldn't do rad if it wouldn't help, but am I fooling myself? I have read that it doesn't help in ext SCLC. Any info would be appreciated. Am taking anti seizure and anti inflammatory meds. Feel good except tired. Have had 4 rounds of rad. They won't let me drive, which is okay. I miss my job again, decided I shouldn't go. Oh, I should say I didn't come home until Fri. was in hospital for rad MRI and EEG.

Anybody go thru something similar? I need help. I'm trying so hard to be positive, but it's really hard. Do they go back to chemo while on radiation or does that wait? I wish the doc would talk to me, he always has, so that's why I'm depressed.

Thanks for any help.


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Pamm,I have no answers about the brain radiation (thank goodness haven't had to do that yet ).

But I do know the waiting is hard and the drs. are usually closemouthed.I think even tho it is very hard to do,it is imperative to maintain a posituve attitude.

Hang in there.

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Well, crappola Pamm...this is not news we wanted to hear!! :(

I keep telling myself they wouldn't do rad if it wouldn't help, but am I fooling myself? I have read that it doesn't help in ext SCLC.

Radiating the brain preventatively (PCI) isn't usually done when someone is dxd as extensive sclc. But radiating the brain if there are brain mets often helps a great deal! So you're not fooling yourself, and your rad onc is doing what he can to rid you of the brain tumors AND any future seizures.

BELIEVE that it will help...that it will work. That power of positive thinking really does make a difference, I'm convinced. The radiation will tire you but I'm glad you are otherwise feeling good.

Call your onc's office and leave a request for him to call you at the end of the working day. If he balks at that...then make an appointment and go see him IN the office. Now. Tomorrow. As soon as you can get in. It's not good to be stressed over this...so go get some answers from him.

And perhaps he wants hubby there to be sure ALL your questions and hubby's get answered. Having an extra pair of ears is a big help. My hubby often caught something the doc said that I missed! Plus...they don't want you driving, you said...so there is another reason to bring hubby, eh? :wink:

Take a deep breath, call the onc to make an appointment to get your questions answered and keep believing in the good possibilities!! You've still got plenty of fight in you...so grab your "addietude" and kick some cancer butt...okay? :wink:

Let us know how things go.

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Way to go, Pamm....

We all have our scared and low moments...but that's part of why we come here...to find a way to perk back up again and regain our fight!! Feel what you feel...but just know that you can then DECIDE to keep on fighting, too.

We're here to help support you...ok?

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Addie just said everything so very well...may I just second what she said?

The waiting is the second hardest part, the not knowing is the hardest. You need some answers from your doc to make you feel good about the treatments you are getting.

Visualize those rays doing some damage only to the affected tissue. I believe this helps also. I would envision a Star Wars theme, lots of action, the aliens were inside my body and Luke Skywalker and Princess Leah and Han Solo were directing the beam...! Lots of imaginings are possible for successful workings of the radiation. May the Force be with you!

love, cindi o'h

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I would like to add that there have been many times that I have put too much importance on what the doctor said or didn't say. Trying to second guess them is nearly impossible. Just maybe he wants the two of you so that you can make a decision about the next treatment plan plus I'm sure they probably don't want you to drive. I can understand how you feel, but there have been many times that i misread what docs did and didn't say. Hang in there and know that we are all hoping and praying for the best.

Love and Prayers,


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Pamm my wife had 4 tumor's and 15 round's of radiation.The Radiation Onocoligist wanted to visit with me to inform me that my wife would no longer be driving for a long time and would have to go on disibility due to the after effect's

of the radiation. To put it bluntly the radiation has left her very weak plus she went on Chemo right after word's.This was all done in March and she still has balance problem's and since then the Cancer has came back in her lung so they changed her Chemo again and now she has lot's of pain in upper stomach and Bath room trot's.her regular Onocologist has said the effect's of the radiation are long term so i hope i've helped you and not scare you as each person handle's these treatment's differently.....

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