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Adjuvent chemo?


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On Monday, the 11th, we are going back to Moffitt to see the onc. Ken will have a scan done that day also. He is in the unusual situation of going from stage IV to stage 1A. He wants to get more chemo to be "on the safe side". However, my understanding is that they do not do adjuvent chemo for stage 1A. Does anyone know if this is true? Also, for those who have had adjuvent chemo which drugs were you given?

My feeling is that if his scan is clean we should just leave well enough alone for now (except for supplements and healthier food). I would really appreciate hearing of your experience with chemo after surgery. Thanks.

Karen H

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Hmm..ive never heard of a general rule against adj. chemo for 1A patients...I was a 1B, only because of size of tumor, and Onc. did adj. chemo on me...Taxotere..unfortunately, I had a bad reaction to it, so called it quits after one treatment. (Everyone is diff. , others have tolerated it well, I guess.)

Dunno, youll have to check with docs, but Im sure adj. chemo is an option, unless their are special circumstances, or something.

BTW..check out the post on selenium trial in "Early stage" forum. Im getting back to taking it daily...might help prevent secondary tumors. Clinical trial link listed there, but rather than risk getting a placebo, Ill jus take it and wait for trial results. Might be 4 yrs trial tho. Anyway, good luck..Rich B.

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Hi Karen---

I know recent studies have shown that there is a definite advantage for stage 1B, but I have not seen any results or statistics that it helps with stage 1A. However, you should get some Oncologist's opinions. I went to 2, and they both said it would hurt me more than help me-- the surgeon also said the same. Chemo, after all , is poison and although people say it can't hurt, it certainly can hurt your immune system and may not be of any benefit.

Others on here that were stage 1A have found oncologists that recommended it.

So perhaps after getting the opinions, you can make an educated informed decision.

Good luck and I hope he has the same results that I have had so far.


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Hi Karen,

I personally have not heard taking adjuntive chemo for stage 1A.

My husband was 1B, had a lobe removed and had adjuntive chemo. 4 rounds of carbo/taxol, 3 weeks apart. Each sessions lasted about 5 hours.

He just finished his treatments. His side effects was hair loss, did not affect his eyebrows, eyelashes. But everyone is different.

He did not have neasuea which some people do get. He did have flu like pains in his legs which happened about 3 to 4 days after treament and lasted different intervals. 3 days to 2 weeks. The pains are caused by the taxol.

All in all he tolerated it really good.

Talk to your Onocologist about having this done in stage 1A to find out if there is any advantage in going through this.


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Hi Karen: My second cancer was stage 1a. I asked for adjuvant chemo and am taking my last treatment today. I think mosts oncologists would not recommend chemo for stage 1a, because, the statistics say the 5 year survial rate for stage 1a is 90%. This exceeds the survival rate for adjuvant chemo and stage 1b. I guess the thinking is that it would not give you an advantage. In my case, it was my second cancer. So, the oncologist went along with it, because I am at a higher risk than someone with a first cancer at stage 1a.

The treatment for me was 4 rounds of gemzar and carboplatin. I had very little side effects. the main thing ws fatigue for 2 to 5 days after each treatment. The fatigue usually kicked in after the second day following treatment.

If your husband wants to do the chemo, he could probably find an oncologist who will do it. I guess, if it was me, I would do it. But, I am gunshy now having had cancer twice.

Don m

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