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New treatment for early stage NSCLC


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Just saw this article and thought some of you with stage i might find it interesting. Best wishes,


Chemoprevention study for non-small cell lung cancer

Source: (National Cancer Institute)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

NCI Featured Trial

Phase III Randomized Chemoprevention Study of Selenium in Participants with Previously Resected Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (ECOG-5597). See the protocol summary.

What do the researchers want to learn in this trial?

Researchers are investigating selenium as a chemoprevention agent against development of secondary lung tumors. "With stage I non-small cell lung cancers that have been treated successfully with surgery, the more likely risk is development of a second tumor rather than recurrence of the original tumor," said lead investigator Daniel David Karp, of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group. "So we are interested in seeing if selenium will be effective in preventing the growth of new tumors in patients who have undergone curative surgery for non-small cell lung cancer."

In a previous study, selenium appeared to cause decreases in both prostate and lung cancer, but those results were not statistically validated. Subsequent studies, including this one, seek to validate those observations, Karp said.

Why Is This Trial Important?

Lung cancer kills more Americans than any other cancer. Surgical removal of tumors is the preferred treatment for non-small cell lung cancer. However, the incidence of a second tumor developing in patients who have been treated surgically for early-stage non-small cell lung cancer is about 20-30 percent.

Who Can Join This Trial?

Researchers seek to enroll 1,960 patients 18 years of age and older who have had stage I non-small cell lung cancer completely removed by surgery. See the full list of eligibility criteria for this trial at NCI's clinical trials web page.

Where Is This Trial Taking Place?

Study sites in the United States and elsewhere are enrolling patients in this trial. See the list of study sites.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Daniel David Karp, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group; Dr. Michael Liptay, American College of Surgeons Oncology Group; Dr. Omer Kucuk, Southwest Oncology Group; Dr. Randolph Marks, North Central Cancer Treatment Group; Dr. Michael R. Johnston, National Cancer Institute of Canada; Dr. Gerald H. Clamon, Cancer and Leukemia Group B; Dr. Steven Belinsky, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

Who to Contact

See the list of study contacts at or call the "Featured Clinical Trial" columns at NCI's Web site. Go to this website for more info.


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Cool...thx for ur post. I had been neglecting to take my selenium for awhile, but Im going right out and do it. hehe. Seriously, I had ony heard from another member here that the supplement might help, but good to see theyre trying to validate the beneficial effect. Ill look into trial info...thx again..Rich B.

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Hi Kaffie; Yea, dunno what dose they will use in the trial. I see the otc selenium comes in several doses. 200, 500 mcg...(whatever the heck that means.) heh

I take take the 2oo mcg , been neglecting it too, but try now to take daily or least few times a week. Its probably a shot in the dark, but what the heck..its cheap, and if there's sci. evidence that it may help prevent new tumors...worth a shot, huh?

One note; I did see Oncodoc post once that said sel. also may INCREASE the risk of some skin cancers, but these are much more easily treatable than tumors of course, so shouldnt scare anyone away from trying selenium. Might be prudent to avoid a lotta sun exposure, etc., tho, I suppose.

Ok...Im gonna get back on it, dunno if Ill take it for 4 yrs. , as in the trial, but ...might..heh. See how scans turn out. Take care...Rich B.

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My husband is in a study going on right now at the VA Hospital hear in Minnesota whether Selenium and Vit E help prevent prostrate cancer (It has been going on for a couple of years so far) . Donna G

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My onc told me that selenium in 200 mcg doses was the amount they were looking at in the clinical trials, so that's what I'm taking....it's cheap, and yes, there is the skin cancer risk, but I think it's worth it....


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