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Gene is failing

Carol Lee S

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I desperately need your prayers and support. Gene is failing fast. Before the hospital last week we thought things were going along pretty well, however, at this time he is on O2 and last night we started liquid morphine. It got so bad at one point he was on a non rebreather for over 30 minutes. Doc wasn't available yesterday so a covering called back and irderd the morphine. None was available so she told me they would try again on Monday. I called every pharmacy in the county and found some, called her back, had the kids go get it and it gave him some relief. He is on flagyl for the infection he got lastweek and the pill was to big so he would swallow it, and then vomit it back up. Doc said put it in applesauce. He can't even swallow water. I asked for a new script for two 250mg instead of the large 500mg, she said no just cut it in half. The pill isn't scored therefore when you do that the taste lingers and makes you vomit. Finall found a Doc that would change the script. He has tolorated the small pills well. Another hurdle we got over. Now to get him on Iressa, that is my goal today. Not sure how I am going to do that but I am sitting here thinking of ways. He is so weak now he can't even get out of bed. He hasn't eaten in two days and the only fluid that he gets is what we pour down him and we literally do that. Hospice comes in today, not sure if they will allow Iressa, if they don't allow it and I can get it for him, they will have to leave for the time being. Thank you Deb for giving me the strength and conviction to carry on this fight. PS as I am writing theis the Doc called and so no Iressa it would not work and would make matter worse.

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Thank you all for your prayers I know they work. Hospisce will not take Gene as he is on over 5 liters of O2, he must go in the hospital according to there protocol when you get that high and he really doesn't want too. The Doctor refuses Iressa and wants him in Hospice. Catch twenty two I guess. He needs the extra O2 flow for when he has the coughing spasms that last for about 10 minutes then he goes back on the 4 liters again. No good for hospice and so now I found another Doctor to look at him tomorrow (Thank you DEB) if he can start him on Iressa that would be wonderful. We will take care of Gene at home between my daughter (RN) my son in law (paramedic) myself and some friends will donate there time and we will keep him on the O2 and hopefully the Iressa as well. I know I am bucking all odds but you never know until you try. Just need for him to be able to make the 20 mile trip tomorrow he is so weak he hasn't even gotten out of bed for two days, Boost and gatorade have kept him alive. He will be going by ambulance. We are just not ready to give up yet even if the Doc has. The Hospice nurse that came today really encouraged us to give it a try even as weak as he is. Thanks again for your support, and again a request for prayers for a good trip and good results for tomorrow. Hugs, Carol

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Carol, I've been praying and praying. Good luck with Dr. G today. You and your family are such an inspiration. I keep thinking of that Frank Sinatra song "high hopes", a person can do wonders and make wonderous things happen when they have them. If you don't try, you would never know what could have been...Keep us posted!!! Love, Deb

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