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Cindi came on the board this AM to update her profile and something went horribly amiss...........she has been banished from LCSC. She is working with admin to try to get back on.

She said to be sure you know the pub gets an ice delivery around 9 and till she gets back, we can serve ourselves......................uh oh.

So, guys, we are on our own, for just a bit.

(I am wondering if her posts about shaving armpit/s is somehow related.............better watch out Addie :lol::lol::lol::lol: )

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Thanks for the update!!! Cindi...Banished...No Way!!!! Wow...we need her up and running by Happy Hour!!! But...sounds like you would be a great stand-in baartender if things don't get straightened out for her!!!

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just sent her a new password myself. She should be fine now.

Omigod Katie.....PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that Cin's new password isn't ARMPIT!???????? :shock:

Nice goin', Cin. I mean if you want a couple hours off from tending the bar...just ask...you don't have to get yourself banished! Sheesh. :roll:

And Fay.....86ed or relegated to the Round File are nice ways to put it. There is also the less decorous $h*t-canned, too! :wink:

Never trust a tipsy bartender! (Or, while I'm issuing warnings here....never trust a naked busdriver either! :shock::lol: )

Glad you're back, Cin. My ice was starting to melt. Now...since you had all that time off the computer....tell us.....did you shave that other armpit yet? 8)

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Okay glad our girl Cindi is back,

I thought maybe she tuned into that hurricane and blew away. :D

But I missed something along the line about this shaving thing :roll:


Welcome back Cind....

This calls for drinks all around. :wink:


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Cindy I bartended for many years & never 86ed myself, How did you manage??!!! You are a sketch!!

Tomorrow I will get an early contrast shot @0800 then back at 1100 for the bone scan. then to the pcp at 1:30. busy day. Heres hoping for a good one.

The best to all of you. I am nervous. Will let you know the results. Rachel

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