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Tarceva Question - Rash


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Brian is really really really broken out right now. these things help:

Cool showers

Fragrance free, hypo allergenic lotion

staying out of the sun.

It seems to get worse as the day goes on and then starts over in the mornings.

He has had it for 5 days now, and I am worried that some of the areas look like they could become 'open' or raw instead of just bumpy.

Poor guy.

He is very self conscious about it, too. This is affecting him as much as the tiredness and nausea from chemo did when it comes to affecting his daily life.

I hate this whole journey.

We will be watching this thread for ideas for relief, too.


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My doc told me that it isn't a good idea to use lotions that contain petroluem products. She recommended that I use something called "Udderly Smooth", and gave me a sample. It works well, if you can get beyond the idea that it is actually balm for cow's udders. :roll:

I use Bactroban antibiotic ointment for the areas that are the most broken out. Visit Dermatologist for any severe problems.

Baby shampoo and baby wash are easier on the skin.

Physician's Formula Makeup actually feels good on my skin, and helps to disguise the breakouts.

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There is also an antibiotic lotion you can get with persription. It didn't do much for John but may for others (sorry can't remember the name). The good news is that the (you call that a rash!) rash seems to subside and then get worse...so its not always bad or constant...hang in there.


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There is a cream called clindamyacin that you can get from your doctor. It is actually an acne medication and it was the only thing that got me under control when on Iressa.

If you dad gets the "itchy's or really dry skin" Aveno has a lotion that has menthol in it that took away the burning.

Good luck,


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