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Its Scan Time. Oh My


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Tomorrow is the second scan after ..4.. Alimta treatments, I did not have all the great results, after the first scan, so I am more nervous, than usual, if it is possible..... I always feel better when I come here, and ask for you all to think of me, and have had better results, when you all were there... doing so....So if you can I have a scan tomorrow in the morning.. please hope, with me, for the best of news...The best of results for every one of us. Blessings....gina

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Just keep visualizing in your mind, GREAT results and the doc telling you there has been reduction. Picture pink, healthy innards and NO tumors!! :wink:

No guarantees on that, of course :roll: ...but visualizing this will make the wait easier to bear.

Of course...you know you have all our wishes for nothing but great results. Please come back and let us know what the doc says...ok? Meantime...keep visualing ONLY good stuff. It really does help!

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I will be up bright and early tomorrow to be sure I am there with you!! I feel GOOD vibes coming - I DO!!

In the meantime do visualize and look forward to all of us being with you tomorrow. Hope you don't have to wait long for results!!!!

Heartfelt good wishes and prayers as well.


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