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Update....A special message about Cathyr from her sister....


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Hi Maryanne

My name is Caryl and I am Cathy's younger sister. I saw your post and thought I would respond for Cathy. Cathy is resting somewhat comforterbly at

home surrounded by family.

As you know the cancer had spread to her brain and spine and is quickly taking hold.

Cathy is unable to get out of bed and is heavily medicated ( methadone) to help her with the pain. Hospice has suggested that there is not much more time and Cathy is begining her transistion. Cathy has just past her 4 year mark and is looking forward to her nephews birthday this Sunday. She has

moment's of lucidity but for the most part has lost conception of time and is easily confused.

My sister has had alot of friends and family visting the past couple of months and has been fortunate enough to have alot of closure wtih alot of people. We are all dealing as best we can knowing that soon we will lose a precious friend, sister and daughter. I pray each day that her transition will be peaceful.

It is difficult to articulate how very sad and scared I am, but I continue to try and stay strong for my sister. The family has found much comfort and support in this website and know Cathy would continue to post if possible. Please keep

praying for my sister and once again much thanks to all of you....

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Thank you Maryanne and thank you Caryl,

It's wonderful to hear that Cathy has so many people surrounding her with love at this time in her life. If I could tell her anything, I would want her to know what an inspiration she has been to me. She has been such a fighter and her positive attitude is contagious. God be with Cathy, her family and friends.

Love and Prayers,


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Thank you, Maryanne for posting this update on our monkey.

And Caryl, you sound about as brave as our Cathyr. She is an amazing woman. I can't imagine how traumatic this must be for all who love Cathy. She is a ray of sunshine to everyone at lcsc. I have become pretty attached to her in the short time that I have been here.

I pray that in her confusion, she is mingling with the heavenly light and will maintain a level of comfort.

love, cindi o'h

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Here is another update on Cathy, sent to me today by her sister Caryl,

She sounds like she is holding her own. Thank G-d she has so much love surrounding her.

Thank you so much Carly for keep us posted.


Spoke with my niece today and she said Cathy was sitting up was even able to be wheeled to the living room. Her daughter Annie is leaving tomorrow and her other daughter Heather will be arriving next Tuesday.

I suppose the fortunate part of the disease is that Cathy is blissfully unaware of how ill she is now. My mom is going up tomorrow and I will visit Cathy on Friday...I'll let you know how she is then.

Warm regards,


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This is heart breaking. :(

Many prayers for the Cathy and the family. God is good. I'm praying for peace, comfort, and strength for you all. Also, prayers for a beautiful peaceful passing that will leave you feeling blessed for being there with her.



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Dear Maryanne,

Thanks so much for keeping us abreast on whats going on.... It is strange how God somehow takes hold, protects us and makes us "unaware" of the situation.... as Cathys sister said. I guess it is his way of allowing us to go without the grief of saying goodbye to those around us. I don't know... just my thoughts. Shelly... What wonderful words your Dads nurse spoke... God Bless us all. Sharon

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I'm so sorry to hear the news but glad the cathy's surrounded by loving family and is spared the full knowledge of her situation. Praying for a peaceful, easy journey for her and for still more strength for her already incredibly strong family.


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