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I am new to this


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Well what a wonderful site this is. I was diagnosed with nsclc in august of 2004. Being only 39 yrs old i never thought it was going to happen, but now i have to fight with all that i have. I wasnt able to have any surgery or radiotherapy and instead had a round of chemo which kept it stable. 3 months later things had progressed so i started taking Tarceva in April of this year. It really has made a significant improvement and i find i am breathing better and feeling a lot better. The rash can be slightly annoying, but that's it. I have had a few stares from strangers while i am out, but i just look the other way. I live in Australia and i have found there is not a lot of support for me here. I have been told that because of my age and condition there arent any support groups i can attend unless i want to join a breast cancer group!! So this site is just what i've been looking for. I would be interested to hear from people who are on Tarceva and how it has worked for them.

Thanks for listening

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Welcome, Shar! My wife and I visited Australia in 1989 --Sydney area, Outback and Cairns area. Beautiful place.

Glad Tarceva is working for you. Sorry you can't find a support group. Hope there are other leads to one. Looks like you are doing okay so far. I hope for that to continue. Don

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Hi Shar.

Our own Karenl and Jana are also from Australia. If you do a search on them, (in the u/r area of this page) you will find posts from two of the lovliest sisters you would ever want to meet!

Welcome to our site. I am glad that you found us!

Cindi o'h

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I can't help with the tarceva, but I do want to welcome you to our group. You know you soon have a one year survival party coming up! Keep us posted. Donna G

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Hi, Shar!, welcome.

Brian just started on Tarceva on 6/24. (His rash is a bit unnerving .........rather pronounced and sore looking.) We are pleased to hear of your good response to the med. We are praying for the same.

This is a great place for support and encouragement.

We look forward to getting to know you better.

Pat and Bri

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Hi Shar,

I want to welcome you to the board. You will find great support here and very knowledgable people who can answer your questions.

I cannot help you with your question, but there are many here who can.

good luck and keep us posted.


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Welcome Shar!

It is too bad that you are unable to locate a local support group, but you found us here which is the next best thing!!

Good to hear that you are having success with the Tarceva. I was taking Iressa for a while which produced a similar Tarceva rash. There is a prescription acne medication called clindamyacin that can help keep the rash under control.

Good luck in your continued treatment,


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Welcome Shar!!!!

I am a newcomer as well...and wanted to welcome you and say hello. I wish I could give you lots of information about Tarceva, but I don't know much yet. My Mom just started taking it June 22. She will be going to the doctor on Wednesday, July 13th for her first scan since starting taking it so I'm sure we'll know much more then. I'm so happy to hear that the Tarceva has been helping you. Glad you found this site....keep us updated :)


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