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Prayers for Brooke


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I just wanted to ask for my friend's sister Brooke. She just turned 16, and has be fighting a brain tumor for 2 yrs. She has a myoglelioma (sp?) which is very agressive, but remarkabley they have held it at bay for this long. So long that they thought they may have misdiagnosised it, but it is growing quickly again. She is just an inoccent, and it hurts me so the things she will never experience; a boyfriend, prom, a driving liscence, or graduation. I ask that you pray for her and her family that they may find peace in the time to come and with what is likely to come all to soon. I still hang on to hope and pray for the tumor to shrink, my heart feels this, but my profession background is telling me the other.

PLEASE, include her in your prayers, as you all are always in mine.

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Kim, I will definitely add Brooke to my prayer list. It is so sad to see people have such struggles when their lives are just getting up and off the ground!

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