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udate....Cindi o'h

cindi o'h

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Hey all.

I am waiting for July 20 to come around so that I can have a re-scan of my lung to what (if any) changes there are since the last scan I had done was the end of May. That one showed something "funny" on it. The onc. wanted it cut out so he could poke at it with a stick. :P The surgeon said that was an option, but it was too small to biopsy. Well. If it's too small to biopsy, I don't get why they would want to cut the dern thing out! (I have a comeback for anything that involves a knife...they better have a darn good explanation!)

Course, my alert status has gone up to orange. Not red, just orange. Now, any ache or pain between the bottom of my jaw to the bottom of my pelvis, intensifies as I concentrate on it. And there have been many. One day, I thought I had rib pain. Another day, muscles where I had been radiated, were the focus of my attention.

All that aside, I am somewhat hopeful as my breathing has improved dramatically over this past month! And I am able to walk farther and farther. I am feeling stronger and I feel like getting on an assisted program of conditioning with a professional who would be able to keep me safe from injuries.

I am eating better too. I have been having meat, fish, poultry, colorful vegetables and fruits, and preparing meals for myself. Before, I was too ill to do anything but eat out of the can, cereal box, microwave or drive-through. I am hopeful that my health will continue to improve, and that what will show up in a couple of weeks will be that squished lung or maybe the pneumonia scars that I am sure that I had.

As always, blessings to all of you!

Cindi o'h

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Seems like a LONG time to be anxious - until July 20!!!!!!!! So how about I worry some for you so you can worry a little less!

BOY do I identify with mind running rampant with EVERY little thing. Of course they don't seem little at the time. Sore shoulder, pain in chest, back ache, etc.

Anyhow, hoping for being able to keep calm the next 2 weeks. And no going crazy and beginning training for the Iron Woman competition :lol: !



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Cindi, so far I've found that when I'm feeling better - meaning more "normal," that usually means improvement of some kind. Since I was never prone to illness much before the cancer came up, I really didn't have the usual symptoms. Now, I pay more attention to what I feel and how I feel. It seems to work for me.

Hang in there for the next scan. Hope it all turns out well.


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Glad you took the time to update us. It's good to hear all the positive things. Glad you are eating better, walking further and breathing better. Sorry you have all those worries, but some of it , I think we all go through. As a caregiver, I worry about more things than Mike does. Like just a while ago, I heard him coughing . I guess we all cough from time to time, but with him, I seem to have him under a microscope. OOOps, I just heard him cough again... sounds kinda wheezy too.. he hasn't been doing that..should I be worried?.. Yep, this is for real, but it goes on all the time. Then I come with the thermometer and take his temperature.. I find it's just above normal . He tries to tell me he was wrapped up in a million covers, but I won't listen. Oh dear, there I go again. I think we all become obsessed with every little thing, even the ones of us that are not the patients here. We begin to notice every little thing about ourselves.

Cindi , there's one thing that makes you different from me. You are a fighter and you believe in yourself. I am such a wimp. You are such an inspiration to many. Hang in there, don't ever lose that fighting spirit and know that you have many prayers coming your way to help you out. Praying for those scans on the 20th to show all "funny" things gone....

Love and Prayers,


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cindi! I am so glad to hear you're feeling and breathing so strong! I will take some of that worry for you, too. you are such a beautiful fighter! keep it up, girl. I have no doubt everything will be all right.

thanks for being a friend to me here. I wish you didn't have reason to worry, but I relish the opportunity to return the favor. please call me any time.



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That's what I love about you Cindi, your great wit!!

Good to hear you are showing some improvement. Too bad we can't cut off all of the parts from the head to the pelvis during "watch and wait" - then there wouldn't be anything to get your mind worrying.

Sounds like you headed in the right direction by taking better care of yourself.

I have fingers & toes crossed that your appointment will go well.


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It is great do be doing better isn't it? Don't sweat the small stuff. Gee, if I sweated my aches and pains I would not have any fun. If you have aches and pains come around to the other side of the bar and have a couple with me to wash a way the pains.

Oh sh_t I just realized I have one coming up the 21st. Set me up with a double gin martini.


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Hi Cind,

Your mouth to G-ds ears, I pray all comes out well for you on the 20th.

But on the other note, I am estastic that you are doing so well. You have come a long, long way young lady and that is such a good sign.

Keep up the great additude and we are all routing for good results!!

Looking foward to buying you a margerita for good results, you deserve it ... :wink:

Take care my friend, Everything crossed :wink:


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I wish there were magic words that would send the inner alarm back to yellow. It wouldn't be healthy or wise to completely disarm the alarm, but yellow would be good!

Just keep thinking about all the improvements--and I wish godspeed that July zips by and leaves you with nothing more than a squished up lung.

love and fortitude


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