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Sorry if my web page was not available

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Hi Everybody.

I am not really pushing anything. Nobody pays me. I wrote my web page to help people like myself. I was looking for help and it was very hard to find at the time.

I looked on www.cancer.gov only to find the treatment for recurrent small-cell was "Chemo to reduce pain." That is precious little consolation.

I have looked in countless posts on many sites and find very little information about (let's call it)"Complimentary" Medicine. The term "Alternative" seems to have a stigma attached to it.

If you read my story at www.survivingsmallcell.com , then you have some idea of the frustration I experienced trying to keep my treatment on track. I shouldn't have had to do that.

In addition, I found that my oncologist wasn't "leveling" with me. He knew that fighting recurrent small-cell with low level chemo (really the only possibility) would certainly NOT have a positive outcome. Yet, he was perfectly willing to "maintain" me right out of existence.

My personal mission is to try to put something back for my very good fortune and try to help other people when I can. I do not advocate "ditching" conventional medicine in favor of Alternative medicine. But I do wish the best parts of both would be used.

On my web page I mentioned the clinic that I used for the alternative treatments that (I believe) saved my life. I am sure there are other good clinics but fortunately, I didn't need to try anything else.


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Hi Jim..

thank you for updating the link. I very much enjoyed reading your story. It resounds of hope, courage, and determination! I also enjoyed reading about your friends neurofibromatosis and what success she had.

I do believe that you were helped with this alternative or complimentary treatment. I would like to find out more. I will check out your links at another time.

Also, I wanted to add that the word integrated medicine is a term that has appeal to me. It seems to be more respectful and weaves traditional, holistic, natural, and western medicine together.

I hope that we will be hearing more from you! Your attitude, I hope is contagious!

Cindi o'h

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Hi jim,

I read you're story and that of you're friends. Both are truly amazing and full of hope and determination. I am so glad you found this site and have posted here as I think you could help so many here. I also sent you a e mail while at you're site and have bookmarked it to go back to and look over you're links. Enjoy you're NED status and I am praying it lasts forever!!

God Bless You,


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I like the idea of integrated medicine, too. my mom is receiving a clinical trial of accupuncture along with her regular pain care. fine needles were implanted in her back pre-surgery, and will be there until we see the doc on Wed. unfortunately, I'm not sure what effect she'll have on the study as we've really struggled to get her pain under control. nevertheless, we were so excited to be a part of furthering the "integration" . more power to you, Jim!



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Hi Jim,

Most amazing story. I spoke to you in email.

We should be able to use alternative methods along with the other treatments. Especially if it can save your life. You are an example of this.

Now if only insurance would cover, that would be a blessing.

Hoping you stay NED forever!!!


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