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really sad now


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I just got off the fone with onc. We were coordinating next Tues's visit with radiation. He said I will get Zometa but not the chemo yet. I asked him about my job and he said I need to go on disability again. That really upset me. I said that sounds really bad. He said it's always bad when the cancer moves to the brain. I mentioned whatthe rad onc said, and he said, oh yeah, that's true, but hestill says I can't work I guess cuz I've got the chemo again.

I'm really depressed, I don't want to think bad things but I don't have a lot to hold on to now. I keep praying I'll get tough again. Any advice?


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Pam, I'm going to stick my neck out here, but I just don't understand this. I've never heard of a doctor telling a patient when they have to go on disability. The last I heard, I think that's the patient's choice.

Also, my husband's brain has been involved for almost 2 years (well, that's questionable - LOL!), and he has worked almost continuously.

Am I missing something here? Do you want to stop working? Do you feel well enough to work? I just don't get it. Have you thought about a second opinion?

Again, my plan isn't to stick my nose in where it doesn't belong - I just don't understand.

Love and hugs,


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I feel fine, just a little tired. I love my job and was so happy to get it back 2 months ago. It really helped me emotionally. I was a little scared when he said that. I will wait until next Tues. to see him in person. My guess is that he has something bad to say and is trying to prepare me slowly. I don't know. But if he is too negative I will think about another opinion. Thanks.

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I'll echo the others! I've never had a doctor tell me to or not to work -- they always say to do what I feel like doing. When one tries to say do this or don't do that, I start asking questions -- why? Why not? Like that. I make them give me an answer that makes sense - and that informs me so that I can make a better informed decision.

Much luck to you as you continue to fight this beast.


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Pamm the Doctor told my wife he would sign all the paper's for disibilty but did not tell her too go on it. Pamm my wife was unable to and is still unable to return to work as the radiation left her too weak plus the chemo and now a re-occurrance of a tumor or spot on her lung (read the profile on her).So now the new Chemo is giving her Diareah problem's. But my wife refuses to give in and say's she has to much to live for right now and she will die when GOD say's so.This with the fact she lost her older sister to SCLC 3 week's ago. She still plan's on some day returning to work (she is a super for the state)but is happy that she is able to recieve disibilty and will be happier when she can get off and back to work..I'm telling you all this in hope's of giving you hope and inspiration, so don't look at just the bad possibilities but stop and smell the roses....

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