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5 for 7/8/05


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Sorry I fell behind...

1.) My Aunt & Uncle who are caring for my Grandmother.

2.) Hospice who are caring for myself & my Grandmother.

3.) My Hubbie who is taking such good care of me.

4.) My motorized wheelchair so I can visit my Grandmother.

5.) The sweet, precious love of a Grandmother.

Hugs & prayers,


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5 for 7/8/05

1} The love of my family

2) That I am up this late and can sleep the day away tomorrow as I have no company here.

3) That I am well enough now to post and be a part of LCSC again.

4} That my friend from England is ok

5} That my Sister is 2 years out from Breast Cancer and she is NED!!

God Bless You all,


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1. That Melanie still has enough joy and happiness in her life to continuously find 5 things. You are my hero Melanie.

2. The amazing number of heros here.

3. The crazy sense of humor found here, not just in the joke section.

4. Rich's continuous search for news on lc.

5. The respect for each other found here.

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No need to apologize, Melanie!

1) The warm welcome given my shy DH when he got up the nerve to finally post

2) The closeness and caring felt among my "friends" here

3) As always, the WONDERFUL caregivers

4) The kindness of strangers!

5) The good news received by many here the past few days/weeks

***That Melanie is keeping us all on our toes to appreciate what is good in our lives!!!!!

Thank you, Melanie!


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Having a difficult time today...but, if Melanie can do it, I can do it!!

1. LCSC--what a wonderful extended family!! Many lives have been changed dramatically by this site!!

2. Charlie has really done amazingly well over the past 18 months--it is officially 18 months tomorrow.

3. The remnants of Cindy have passed and the sun is suppose to return today.

4. I signed a new contract this week (self-employed) and started back to work 4 days per week.

5. I have been privileged to get to know so many nice, understanding and compassionate people here.

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1) Mom is already out of bed and going today

2) We get to find out how big Carolyn is today at a doctor's appt.

3) Carolyn woke up all bright-eyed and bushy tailed (WAYYYY TOOO EARLY! ;) )

4) I got an email from an old friend from high school

5) You guys always help me to keep keeping on. :)

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So thankful for the following:

1. My three wonderful sons.

2. My great job

3. Friends that listen and offer advice

4. My extended LC family members

5. A new man in my life... that never tries to replace Dennis ...and offers so much love and support

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