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class A clutz here


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Take a huge lesson from me people, never ever do this.

ok, so I went out and bought myself a beautiful new Nordictrack Treadmill thinking I would start walk/running at home at night when the quiet gets to me.

well was I wrongggggggg!!!

the first week on the treadmill I thought I had it down, so I DID NOT wear the safety cord that automaticially stops the treadmill when you move too far back from the front of it.

nope, not me, i don't need any safety cord, so I was running and watching tv at the same time. BAM went down like a 2 ton truck over a cliff at 60 mph and was thrown through the sheet rock wall behind me and dislocated my pelvis from my hip socket on my right side.

the quiet was broken by my piercing girly screams hoping my neighbor behind me (cause the neighbor next to me was on vacation and in no way would hear me from where they were) would hear me and hobble over on his crutches which he uses now after his knee replacement surgery three weeks ago and somehow get into my house, get down the stairs and somehow get me up and helped.

so get the picture in your minds, without laughing, and see a short 5 foot tall bouncing human bean-ball soaring through sheet rock and laying there with what seemed like my feet behind my ears screaming for help to a neighbor at least 300 hundred feet away and through two houses to help me.

please don't try this at home, i am a professional loser.

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Shellie, I cant help but laugh, but are you OK??? You should be a writer, your posts are always great, but you told this story wonderfully. Its awesome that you can find the funny/good in all situations. You have had it rough and yet you still laugh and can makes others laugh. Thats a blessing.

Hope you are doing OK and not in too much pain.



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oh Kim don't worry about me. I am hoping people find my distorted - protruding pelvis sort of sexy and wont' be offended when it sort of clickty-clacks with every step I take.

Its just the ear shattering screams with each movement that would turn any cute guy off I fear.

But level 40 pain out of 1-10 will not deter me in my hunt for that guy who owns ear plugs.

really though, I am fine, hopefully I can fall down the stairs on the left side and shove that ol'pelvis right back into place soon.

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I wonder if that would count as a flying lesson, or maybe you could be the next super-hero. A clutzy one at that.

But I guess a side show in a circus would be more like it.

"Ladies and gentlemen... come see Shelly the Flying Clutz on her treadmill... she can bang into Sheetrock wall at a enormous speed of 60 miles per hour and live to laugh about it"!!

Your Avatar is definetely fitting. That really made me chuckle under those circumstance.

On a more serious note. I hope your pain is gone or subsiding and you are getting around ok.


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Oh Shelley - I hope you are OK and I am right there with you although not in nearly as bad a shape, daughters convinced me to ride my bike with them tonight - I haven't ridden in 15 yrs, I turned around to make sure we could cross the street, lost my balance and went flying over the bike, cut my foot and skinned my knee and elbow while they were laying on the ground laughing :oops: couple that with bruised tail from an earlier mishap and I am hobbling around like I am 100.

You are in amazingly good spirits, keep it up!!!!

Much Love,


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