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5 for 7/9/05


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1.) All of the incredible donations that we've received for the benefit we now have a grand prize of a custom designed computer system! WOW! (I'll let you all know when raffle tickets go on sale - we're still waiting to fill in one more good prize on the ticket - then, I'll print them). This kind of thing really restores my faith in humanity!

2.) Knock on wood, it looks like I'm going to make it to my first wedding anniversary! We have been together for more than 10 years but just never got married till after my dx. (7/13/04)

3.) My wonderful health cats who always seem to know when mom needs a little extra TLC.

4.) Beautiful weaather yesterday to use my new back yard swing.

5.) My sweet canaries who sing so prettily for me first thing in the morning.

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1. Having lunch with my 15 year old grandson, just Stephen and his Meme.

2. Visiting my 2 year old grandson Jack at dinnertime, his Mommy will be there.

3. Cookbook is really rolling along and will raise mucho dinaros for this site.

4. Dinner and good conversation with high school friends last night.

5. And last, but not least, ANDREA.

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1. my mom got new pain medication, and FINALLY got some sleep (neurontin, percocet stopped working)

2. the rain has stopped, just in time for a 4:00 baseball game with a girlfriend

3. my boyfriend's parents in Ireland, they've truly become family to me

4. my aunt, grandma, cousins - the best friends I've got!

5. human resiliance (people on this site, London)

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