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Good news on latest scan


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Well, I've completed 4 rounds of cisplatin/etoposide. Had a follow-up CAT scan on 7/1, (after 3 chemo rounds), results indicated 35-40% decrease in mediastinal tumor. Also showed the fluid on my right lung appears to be gone. Praise God for this great news. I'm scheduled for a PET scan (can anyone enlighten me on this test??) on 7/18, and then 2 more rounds of chemo. So far I'm tolerating the chemo quite well, but I'm certainly feeling the effects, fatigue, taste loss, etc.

One other question, I seem to have trouble getting blood tests out of my mediport implant. Flushes fine, infusions work fine, just have trouble getting blood tests out. I also have a lingering minor pain where the catheter goes into the SVC vein. Anyone else have any issues with mediports?

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Congrats on latest news, I am very happy for you. I go tomorrow to see onc about newest treatment, but I'm scared that what he's going to tell me is going to be bad b/c he said to bring my husband, and he never said that before. It's been a nerve-wracking week, but can't do anything about it except keep praying.

As for your port, I have a similar problem. When I go for treatments or blood work, I have to put my arm over my head, or even lay flat with the arm up in order for the blood to flow. Try that if you haven't.


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PET scan feels kind of like a CT scan. Except they inject a different substance.

As for the port. I too, have the same problem. I have been twisted into all weird positions and just can not get bld out. They can flush it fine, also it gets used for IV infusions etc. I have had mine 4 1/2 yrs now. They did an xray along time ago just to make sure it was where it should be and no problem.

Great news about shrinkage, we like things that shrink!!


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Hi Mark..

Congrats on your good news! yes, praise God, now let's head over to the pub!

PET scan is much slower than a CT. They will inject a radioactive dye laced with glucose about an hour before your scan. You sit quietly in a room as the sugar takes effect. Then you go to the PET scan, a tube shape. It starts at your toe end and slowly ...very slowly moves until all of your head is in the machine. And then you are done. The scan for me, took about an hour. It is painless and not frightening at all.

As for your port, one of my friends who has heart cancer, had the same problem as what you describe. They tried everything short of replacing it. He just has his blood drawn the old fashinoned way now.

Again, congratulations on your good news. Praying it continues for you!

Cindi o'h

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Yes, Mark, praise God for this good news.

The PET scan is my husband's least favorite because it hurts his back to lay in that position so long, and the last time he was having hip pain and it got worse during the scan since he couldn't re-position his hip. But in any case, he stills says it's not too bad, just a little uncomfortable. You can do a google search and find tons of information on PET scans.



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Great news for you, congratulations :D:D .

The PET is just time consuming. I had a PET 2 x---the first time it got umncomfortable because they made me keep my arms over my head and after awhile it really got uncomfortable. The second time I could keep them down so it was fine. My sister just had one and somehow they made it more comfortable for her and she was fine throughout.

I hope you continue to get great results,


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