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5 for 7/12/05


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1.) My Grandmother's pain is finally under good control.

2.) My new bone pain is almost under good control.

3.) A wonderful new friend named Patti. She is an incredibly sweet lady - I feel truly blessed in having "met" her. We met on e-bay when I bought some of her fabrics that were on auction.

4.) Having a great neighbor. He broought over some home made soup today - he's a really good cook. Took some to Grandmother.

5.) Finishing a lovely wall hanging to auction off at the benefit.

Hugs & prayers,


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1. Seeing Melanie here this morning.

2. Watching a relative compete on a reality show (Rock Star: INXS).

3. Relative not being the first one voted out..

4. An invigorating shower...now if I could just find a motivational shower... :roll:

5. The skunk I smelled when opening the door to take out the dog had been and gone and wasn't hanging around.

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Hi, guys, I've never done this. Here goes:

*My head feels clear this morning!

*I get to be home with my kids today and we're having a Yahtzee tournament, loser cooks lunch!

*Having enough money to pay my bills.

*My garden which is full of tomatoes.

*Our 3 new little kittens and my daughter who loves them to pieces.


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1} hubby and I are camping out tonight. :D:D

2) He always has a way of comforting me when I am down

3) That I have contacted with Andres and am buying bracletts for myself and family members which helps support LCSC

4)That I was in contact with my brother who visited here for a week and he had a trip from H^^L but is home safely now.

5} That I was able to help a girlfriend that needed help.

God Bless you all today and every day!


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Pat said what I was going to say, the Melanies (and others here) - such unbelievable, astonishingly strong and brave people! So here's my 5 for today:

1. Melanie

2. Melanie

3. Pat & Brian

4. my mom's surgical follow up is tomorrow, one more hurdle will be past...

5. vacation is coming!



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1) Lucie is feeling well enough to reach out to more people, and she is using the walker less.

2) We had lunch today with a delightful couple we have been trying to schedule with.

3) My blood pressure is improving.

4) We have had some rain after such a long dry spell.

5) Our granddaughter told us she loved us.

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