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The 'h' word has entered our vocabulary


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Oh please know that I know the folks who do Hospice are wonderful... It's not that. It just feels so much better to be able to be fighting, and we've passed that point and that's hard.

I'm grateful that hospice is an option. I just wish it didn't have to be OUR option now.


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I'm so sorry you're at this point...but entering Hospice isn't necessarily the final chapter. Sometimes people improve enough to no longer need Hospice.

It's possible. Perhaps not probable, but possible. A little bit of hope to hang onto.

I'm sorry, honey. I know this must be hard for you as you want your adorable little one to know her gramma. Store up as many memories (and photos) as you can.

Know you and your mom are in my best thoughts and wishes.

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I am so sorry that your Mom is in need of hospice now. I remember back to when we needed to bring them in for my Brother. It's sad, It hurts and it makes you feel that it's over, but it's not and she may do well and not need them anymore at some point, again like someone said possible but maybe not probable. Look at it as a helping hand, not only in Mom's care but in what ever emotions she or you are going through. Hospice has been with my kids Grandfather now since his DX and they wonder why they are there sometimes he was doing so well. Things have changed some now but that was 6 months ago. Make some great memories, get things said that you have always wondered about your Mom and things you need to say to her.

Do take lots of pictures with that sweet Daughter of yours and her Grandma.

My heart hurts for you both and you are in my prayers.

God Bless You,


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So sorry that you've come to this turn in the road, maybe the H will give you time to just "be" with your mom instead of taking care of her.

Enjoy whatever time you have with her, it could be a lot longer than either than you think.

Always remember what a wonderful relationship you have and how much your mom loves you and appreciates what you do for her.

Take care


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Hi Val

We are at a similar point ourselves. Mum was discharged from hospital yesterday, and today hospice is coming to do an initial assessment to determine what assistance we require.

I understand how you are feeling - its so hard to believe we are at this point.....but I am hopeful that we will see an improvement!

Thinking of you,

love Karen

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I am so sorry that your Mom is not doing well. I really understand how you feel, I had to talk to my Dad last weekend about hospice, we may be nearing that point also. This entire journey is so difficult

Know my thoughts are with you


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Dear Val,

I know this is hard - real hard! I will be hoping and praying that you have lots and lots of fun and memorable days, weeks and months with your mom. You will. Try to have as much fun and laughter around her as you can. We did that with both my mom and my dad, and to this day, we all laugh about some of the funny things that happened and were said. We really do. Laughter is such good medicine.

God bless you, honey!



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Hi Val,

You poor girl, there is so much going on all at once. Your emotions all mixed up.

I pray for your mom to feel better. Hospice is wonderful and will be a great help.

So sorry this is where you are at right now. My heart breaks for both of you.


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Dear Val,

I'm so sorry. Just keep in mind that this is not an end but another beginning. Since I've been on hospice, my pain & symptom management has been incredible. I know how hard it is to be at the point when the fight ends but the comfort level is truly a blessing. I pray that God be with you all & bring comfort to everyone in the family.

Hugs & prayers,


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