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The SRS went well


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It was a long day (11 1/2 hrs.), but Don's SRS procedure went very well yesterday. The only side effect so far is fatigue. He slept all night (even with 10 extra mg. of Decadron, for a total of 14 mg) and slept a lot today.

The procedure itself only took 1 1/2 hrs. to treat the 5 brain mets. It took about 2 hrs. to get registered, talk to the nurse and the doctor and get fitted with the halo, and the rest of the time was waiting. We arrived at 6:30 a.m., and the procedure didn't start until 4:30 p.m. Don slept most of the time because they gave him Valium and pain pills.

They told us ahead of time that the fitting and computer planning is all done early in the morning for the convenience of the neurosurgeon because he has to spend the rest of the day in OR. We told them that we were happy the treatment was available but that it seemed very unfair to the patient to have to wait all day with that steel halo screwed into their head. They agreed, but it's just one of those things that's out of their control.

At least this time, they had a TV in the room, and I had a recliner, too. The last time it took 12 hours, and there was no TV and I had to sit in a straight-backed chair all day. This time was much better and we knew ahead of time about the wait, so we went prepared with TV Guide, laptop and crossword puzzles.

I was very grateful for the medication for Don because they couldn't get his glasses on at all with the halo which meant he couldn't see the TV or work his crossword puzzles. He was very angry, but had taken a CD player, headset, and some tunes, settled back, let the pills work and was snoring away in no time at all.

Now, we wait for the 6-week scan. Of course, that's usually too soon to tell anything and the real results won't come for about 3 months. He'll have a CT scan way before then to see if the Alimta is working on the bones and liver.

Thanks for all the PMs and emails. You are the best friends ever!



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Whew! Glad to hear from you and to know you both made it home after a relatively comfortable day. Soooo glad DH was able to sleep through most of it.

I know now comes the wait, so I wish peace and good times until then.

love and fortitude


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Peggy, I'm so glad to hear that things were a bit easier for both of you this time around. Glad Don had some good meds to help ease the discomfort and anxiety of the wait. I'm really glad that you had a television and a comfy chair. I'm praying that the results from this procedure are good ones!!!

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Oy, what a long day! I'm glad Don was able to snooze thru a lot of it and that you had a comfy chair and something to occupy your time. But you're right....it's a terribly long day and terribly unfair to the patient to have to wear that metal halo for so many hours prior to the procedure. Thank goodness they sort of knocked him out...as I'd want to sleep too with that thing on my head :(

Your post sounds positive, though, overall...and you know you have all our positive thoughts behind you. Hoping for good news along the way as they check on things, and hoping too, that the Alimta is working!!

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Dear Peggy,

I have been waiting to hear from you and as long as the day was at least it is over. You know you have my orayers always that Don does well with his treatments and medications and that the 2 of you can spend some good quality time together while you wait for the next set of results. God is watching over you both my friend.

God bless you both,


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I am SO glad to hear your news. What a relief, for sure. I am hoping for only the very best for Don at this time! I was away from the computer a few days and have gotten a little behind...so sorry this comes a little late.

Wishing continued improvement and good news for you both.


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