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Asking Permission To Be AWOL


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I am going to be On and Off for a while. First of all I have returned to work for now. It is that dreaded GRAVEYARD shift. No fun trying to sleep in the daytime. Thank God this is only going to be part-time.

Secondly, I am disapearing with my wife for a few days. Nope, NOT Dollywood this time. Our aniversary was 2 weeks ago and neither of us could fit the trip in our schedule.

Will be checking in periodically to check on everyone so everybody stay in line while I am gone.

I am a poor boy and can't afford any fines. I owe Ry enough now. So I am asking for a Hall Pass this time. Will be thinking of each of you.

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Hey you chicken...tell us where you're going. Come on we promise not to stalk you :P It better be the ocean or else I will fine you anyway! I believe you have a deal with Debi regarding the ocean????

In honor of your returning to work...take the tombstone pass (graveyard get it? :roll: ). I am glad you are feeling well enough to work and hope you have a wonderful time whereever you're going.

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