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Results Are In!


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Hi to all!

Spent the past 3 days in Bethesda getting tests done. Had a chest x-ray, CT scan with contrast of chest/abdomen/pelvis, Pet scan, brain MRI, lots of bloodwork, and was SUPPOSED to have a barium swallow to address my severe esophagus problem BUT that machine was down.

I had intended to keep up with the board on the hotel computer Tuesday. HOWEVER, the meds needed to get me into the MRI machne, along with the meds to keep me from getting an allergic reactin to the CT dye, had me is such a state....I don't even remember going back to the hotel :roll: .

Finally met with my surgeon (my savior) this AM. According to him everything looked okay! I specifically asked if there was NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE and he said there was not. So all sounds good.

However, once home tonight I looked over a few of the printouts sent along with us. The chest x-ray report is troubling to me indicating possible small lung masses. I say YIKES to that. I have the utmost faith in my doctor and can only assume that all the other test ruled anything BAD out. BUT I have decided to email him my concern. To those of you who haven't heard of this before....he DOES answer these emails HIMSELF! Awesome, huh?

So I am holding off any big time celebration until I can get my head on straight about this report.

Also, in the meantime, I must get a barium swallow test done here. And most likely will have my esophagus procedure done several more times. I am up to 4 now. How about that :? !

I have been reading the board as much as possible tonight trying to catch up. Will be up to posting tomorrow, I hope.

In the meantime....hope for NO lung masses!!!!!!!!!!!!

Felt real good reading what you all have had to say tonight. Am sorry for the bad times of some. Will be sure to pray real hard tonight for you.


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I'll wait for the official hip-hip-hooray, but it sounds like so far so good! we got similar news today - more cancer than we expected but it's all gone! I am praying for a positive conclusion to your additional inquiries. my mom's surgeon is similarly awesome - never emailed him, but is super accessible and emotionally present. we are so blessed!



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Hi Kasey...

I suppose (drudge 8) ) that I will have to keep the pub open for all of the patiently waiting crew, namely Frank, and whoever else wants to join in. Can't imagine a better waiting bunch than us guys, can you? If there is one thing that we learn through this lc ordeal, it is patience. And enjoying a cold bud lite.. push over, Frank, I got some chocolate doughnuts to swish with that beer.

I think what will happen is that your doc will say never mind what the radiology report says...you are clean as a whistle.

love, Cindi o'h

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Hi Kasey,

I just know that everything will turn out NED for you. Your Doc would not tell you that if he was not sure. But like everyone else, we will wait for the celebration.

Cindi's Pub will hold its seat of honor for you.

I hope they could get that esphaghogas thing under control, and help with the pain there.

Be waiting to here your final results.

Prayers being sent for good ones.


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I just read your update . I pray for you that there is no more disease showing up. Praise the Lord that he is lifting you up in the power of healing! Now he can begin working on the esphagus!(Spelling is wrong I am sure). Hurrah for the good news!


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Doing a Woooo Hoooo for now, waiting till you get your questions resolved about the report...at which time I'll do a WOOO HOOOO!!

Overall...terrific news, Kasey. So glad for you. I'm headed to the Pub to give my barstool a workout in your honor! :wink:

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