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Is a miracle still possible??


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My sister has been fighting nsclc for almost 4 years. It started with the lower lobe of the right lung being removed. Then a Brain tumor was removed. Next a second brain tumor was treated with cyberknife and then a third brain tumor appeared that was treated with electron beam radiation. After that a new lung tumor was treated with cyberknife in Feb of this year. The end of April, she had a fourth brain tumor removed (all 4 in the same general area of the brain).

Last week, a pet scan revealed that the lung tumor treated with the cyberknife was growing again and there is now a tumor on the other lung. This week a brain mri showed that there are at least 10 and possibly as many as 20 tumors in her brain with the largest one being about a half inch (on top of that there is bleeding around one of the brain tumors). Yesterday she started whole brain radiation and she still has a positive attitude about beating this.

My concern is that while treating the brain, for a while until she recovers from it the lungs will go out of control.

Is there anyone out there that has survived something this extreme? I would love to be able to pass along at least one success story with similar circumstances to boost her morale.

I really don't want her to suffer or have her quality of life to go down the tubes but I sure want to keep her around -- she is my only sibling.

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I don't have any personal experience to share with you...but i can tell you that i believe there is always HOPE and a chance for a miracle!! I believe it deep in my heart and soul.

Will keep you and your sister in my prayers!

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Hi Joe,

I am so sorry you are going through all this with your sister. I will keep her in my prayers for that miracle you are looking for.

The first thing I want to tell you is that there is always hope. The fact that she has been fighting this for 4 years is a tribute to her strength. It also sounds like her tumors are relatively slow growing. This is good. There is good reason to believe that while treating the brain mets, the lung tumors will not explode into a frenzy of activity and create trouble.

My husband has not been going through this for as long, but when he was first diagnosed he was a stage IV with tumors in his lungs, lymph nodes and his liver. At that time he was given a prognosis of about 9 months to live. Since then his cancer has spread to include about 13-18 brain mets and 2 tumors in his pancreas. He has gone through whole brain radiation, chest radiation, about 9 different chemo cycles, and 1 clinical trial. As of his last MRI (yesterday), his brain mets have not grown. There is no new tumor locations. He is still feeling good, working full time, recording music with his band, enjoying life and feeling very positive that we can beat this. He is not just surviving but he is thriving. It has been 28 months now. For the majority of these 2 years his tumors have been stable. Not gone, but not growing either. We can live with that. If they stay that way for the next 60 years I'll be perfectly happy.

The statistic are grim, but even in the midst of those statistic it shows that for every cancer type there are those that survive. If I have to put my husband into the statistics at all (which I don't like doing) I prefer to think of him as that one in a million miracle that receives a complete cure. Why not? He has already beaten the odds, and is going to continue to do so. I believe your sister can too.

God Bless


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Hi Joe,

I heard it said from my onc. early in my diagnosis and treatment, that lc is treated as a chronic illness, very similar to any other chronic illness. Whatever pops up, they just hit it with a hammer. Sounds like your sister is being treated as her needs arise. Let's hope that she continues on with that marvelous attitude. Can't imagine any better armamentarium against this beast than that! Lucky she has you for her brother. I am jealous.

Cindi o'h

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I've heard about a young man who had testicular cancer that had spread to the lungs and brain - that would be "Stage IV". He went through chemo and radiation and other horrible treatments that made him really sick...

Not only did he survive, he's in Europe right now, riding a bicycle and hoping for a record-breaking seventh win of the Tour de France. Read one of his books, "It's Not About the Bike" and learn about Hope, determination and the human spirit.

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Yes, there is ALWAYS HOPE. Where would any of us be without it? I just prayed for your sister and will continue to do so, and for you as well.

I know that it helps so much if the person has faith in God and prayer. My mom is a surivor of five years because of her faith and all of our prayers.

God is in the miracle working business! :)


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Dear Joe,

Yes, there is hope. Just read my husband's profile below. Like Carleen's husband, mine was also given a short time to live (6 mos.) In just a few weeks he will hit the 2 year mark since diagnosis. And he was diagnosed with 8 brain mets, the largest was 2.2 cm. He's just recently had progression and just recently quit work because it was getting too hard to put in 40 hours, but he's doing well, and cooked supper for me again tonight.

You don't mention chemo. I assume your sister has also had some type of chemo. They will probably hold off additional treatment until after she finishes the WRB. They don't usually like to give chemo when getting WBR.

Keep us posted how she's doing.

God bless,


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I work for a place and have for 19 years called "The center of Hope" I truly believe in hope and prayer. You're Sister is a fighter and has a great attitude which will help her through these dips in the ride. I have also just said a prayer for her and will continue to.

God Bless You Both,


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